Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Episode 11 and 12


(Since these two episodes have a running plot and are basically the same length as a typical anime episode when put together I’m just going to review them as though they are one episode)
Unfortunately, an unknown photographer has uploaded photos of Rinko in cosplay to a blog. However it’s not Rinko’s pride being hurt that’s the danger; it’s the fact that Beelzebub’s true(ie human) form is visible in at least one. If the wrong ‘person’ were to see this, it could get quite bad for him. And of course, the wrong ‘person’ does – another Angel, this one with a weird obsession with mountains. Luckily, Akutabe has put a barrier around the office that prevents angels from entering it.
Meanwhile, after a misogynist rant from Salamander that no one else listens to (and in which he apparently outs himself as a masochist), Rinko gets him to obey her and use his ‘you are what you say’ power in order to transform their landlady into a kind old woman as opposed to the bitter old hag from before. However, this has tremendous consequences when her newfound niceness compels her to assist the angel in getting ahold of Beelzebub’s Grimoire…

man this guy's even creepier than the last one.
what is even
This cap just makes me happy. I love Rinko.
A friendly neighbourhood reminder.

Now that the initial shock of the sudden turn into more serious territory when Moloch died has well and truly worn off (something that is actually poked fun at in this episode, humorously enough, when Rinko and even Azazel momentarily forget who Moloch was), we’re going back to that issue for the finale. I was expecting something about the angels to resurface before the end, but wasn’t expecting one as ridiculous as this. This one’s even more ridiculous than the first one, which makes the fact that he somehow makes everything more serious all the more surprising.  Maybe because the series has already done it once, but this time it doesn’t feel so out of place and actually manages to pull off a sombre tone pretty well (whether this carries into the next episode, who knows). Or perhaps this is just a sign that I’ve been much more into this show lately and are thus much easier able to go with its flow than before. Of course, there’s still a great deal of comedy in these episodes of all sorts and Rinko vs the landlady is especially funny.
Although I can’t say I’m expecting much to be honest, I do really hope we get more backstory/information about Akutabe in the next episode because I really am dying to know. All this time and he’s still little more than a frightening and apparently awe-inspiring presence. I hardly think I’m alone in wanting to know much more about him. Maybe he’ll have a big role in the next episode….or maybe that’ll be up to Rinko.
Lastly..oh, alright. I’ll admit it. The prospect of Beelzebub dying made me sad. He’s one of my least favourite characters in this; he’s creepy and he eats poop and etc but… I actually felt sad. It’s likely that he might not even actually die at all, in which case I take all that back, but I was honestly surprised at how well episode 12 created this sense of sadness at the end. I mean it’s a gag anime!
Anyway, I look forward to the next.

this is freaking hilarious without context.
Where had Akutabe -been-, anyway?
that is a fantastic name for a spear and you know it.
BEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAN!!!! D: (...also I just realized I didn't actually cap any of him in this episode lol oops)

Out of 5,

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