Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi Episode 12 (FINAL)

Starting this review in the classiest of manners.

This episode finally has the festival that’s been talked up for the whole series in which a ‘god’ and ‘goddess’ confess to each other a la’ the town legend. As the winner of the race from before, Kazuma is playing the god and Tsumugi was to be the goddess but she decides to feign illness so that the role can be passed on to Ui, believing this an easy way to finally get the two together.  Luckily for Ui, Kazuma has developed feelings for her OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE so it’s happy ends!
Happy, sappy, predictably poorly written and bland-as-bland ends.

my face during this episode.
capped for Sakai.

well. on the plus side, at least I expected this. There was basically nothing about this that was remotely unexpected, right down to Ui being the goddess in the end.
But seriously, I don’t even think it’s possible to have a more typical c0okie-cutter generic ending. Not to mention how Kazuma’s feelings for Ui just…spontaneously appear. SUDDENLY, he blushes when he looks at her! Never mind the fact that they’ve hardly done anything together and have absolutely zero chemistry. Does this relationship flourish? Does it last? How is their life together going to be? WHO CARES because the anime literally ends as soon as they’re together. It’s like the producers cared even less about this relationship than I did.
The series is now over and I just have this massive empty feeling inside of all that time I’ll never get back. It’s honestly a wonder I sat through this whole thing. True, it did entertain me on occasion but eventually even Ayumu got old and wasn’t able to save it. If anyone remembers this series though, it’ll be for the shota service and nothing else. Except Sakai, anyway. Speaking of Sakai….the show just should have been about Sakai. A lovely character trapped in such a terrible show, I feel sorry for her, and now even more than before I want to play the game so I can get to her ending which is the real ending where Sakai is my waifu and no other ending matters, ever.
And that was when I realized this anime was a success. This is how they get you. If anime based on eroge are just long advertisements for the eroge, if they make you want to play that eroge, surely it can’t be a failure.  Clearly, enraging people by having Kazuma pick the wrong girl was all part of the plan to get people to set the story right via the game.
Those crafty, crafty bastards.

Kazuma as the god,
Ui as the goddess. yawn.
I wasnt going to cap anything from the extended credits sequence but then creeperSakai happened.

Out of 5,












Final Thoughts

This show was just bad, to put it lightly, and I’d seriously worry about the taste of anyone who considers this a legitimately good show. But, it’s passable as dumb fun to a certain extent and was worthy of at least guilty pleasure material for a little while until it buckled down into the necessary poorly written romance BS. Some parts made me laugh, the rural slice-of-life feel is pleasant (although they could have done so much more with it) and it’s relatively inoffensive.  The thing is, anyone who watches this already knows what to expect otherwise they wouldn’t have watched it in the first place. It was still, at least, better than I would have guessed it to be seeing the promotional image. It just tries to do too much and cater to too many people, ending up falling short in all areas (unless you really like cartoon mammaries and will take any opportunity to see them). I’m sure the game is much better.
Out of 5,

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