Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Episode 13 (FINAL)

I quite like this cap. Although I have no idea what those background people are doing.

Rinko and Azazel mourn the death of Beelzebub whilst the angel Zeruel goes up to (presumably) heaven to deliver the grimoire to (presumably) God…God being quite fond of crude humour. Unfortunately for Zeruel, he doesn’t actually have the grimoire at all – only a wad of cash. It turns out the landlady never actually gave it to him after all. Which would mean, then, that Beelzebub is still alive. Rinko and Azazel go off to find where he went, and soon find out that they were better off not knowing.

...well actually it meant their plan to make the landlady nicer backfired on them, but...
...now, was it just me, or did Akutabe seem kind of upset as well?
Uh...whatever you say.

This crude and quirky comedy comes to an end (for now) in a way I’ve come to expect from it – by trolling us a little. It would have been very surprising had Beelzebub actually died so this ‘revelation’ shouldnt actually surprise anybody, but it’s still quite funny when it happens. Particularly when Rinko and Azazel’s reaction changes from ‘Hallelujah he’s alive!” to “I wish he’d just die already”….much like my own reaction, admittedly. It was potentially the crudest thing the series has done so far – which is,atcually, fitting for its last episode.
The episode is mostly interesting for showing the first glimpse of the ‘Heaven’ and the other angels. (who look so much more interesting than the ones that came to earth. I presume these are ones that managed to find grimoires and free themselves long ago, but I want a second season solely to know more about them (especially the cute one).)  Because this is Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san the God figure is a nutjob, but the way he actually seemed vaguely serious about the dirty jokes, and his deadpan voice doing them, was funnier than the jokes themselves.
It’s a shame that Akutabe never did anything though – I was expecting some kind of Akutabe vs Angels showdown which would have been kind of awesome and should be something that happens later on, even if only in the manga.

So there -are- cute angels!
I really want a gif of this actually.
priceless reaction is priceless.

Out of 5,
Final thoughts
This was a surprisingly entertaining little series in my own humble opinion although it is most certainly not for everyone. It’s very rude, very crude and very, very silly….putting it comfortably right up the alley of those who enjoyed the humour stylings of things like Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. I do feel that, as a comedy anime, it could have done a little more with itself and there are a lot of parts that are just more bizarre than funny, but when it does manage to be funny it’s pretty great. It mostly succeeds because of its characters – Rinko’s a great heroine and Azazel himself is a riot, but the mysterious Akutabe could have been so much more (and I’m still holding on to the hope that he will be). The show was quite popular in Japan it seems so a second season isn’t out of the question (and, if the manga is still going which I think it is, almost a given). I’m not sure if I’d blog another run of this, but I would like to watch it, just to see what sort of crazy, stupid things Rinko and the demons can do next.
All up the series gets out of 5,

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