This review has SPOILERS!

Have I mentioned how pretty this series is?


Through a flashback, it is revealed that there IS a limit to Taito’s “immortality.” He can only die six times within 15 minutes (900 seconds… I see what the producers did there!). After that, he has to wait until the next cycle of 15 minutes before the spell is reset (and he can die six more times again, etc. etc.). In the flashback, we also get a glimpse of our evil villain—a person named “Hinata.”

Back in the present, Himea has just been stabbed in the back by Gekkou Kurenai. Fortunately, because Himea is basically an immortal vampire, her injuries heal up pretty quickly. Gekkou is intent on killing Himea for some reason, and sends his lackey, Mirai to finish the job. He unseals her powers, revealing that she’s actually some sort of lightning wolf-demon. To aid Taito, Himea gives him a magic flame that binds to his fist; and he and Gekkou begin to spar.

Mirai, you are too cute to be hanging out with a jerk like Gekkou

I think I am a little too easily amazed by bright colors...

Their battle is interrupted by none other than Hinata, who suddenly decides to show up. Turns out that Hinata is Gekkou’s twin brother, whom Gekkou wants to kill. However, Hinata is extremely strong, able to withstand attacks from Taito, Gekkou, Mirai, and Himea combined. Although Taito’s flame is powerful enough to actually hurt Hinata, Taito must sacrifice a life every time he uses it, and once again, he ends up with only one left. Although Himea begs Hinata not to kill Taito, Taito uses the flame one last time, whereupon Gekkou finishes the job of defeating his twin brother… for now.

Damn, I regret not getting a better shot of transformed Mirai...

I can already tell that this guy's going to be a huge douche.

This cap needs no comment.

Despite that supposedly being his last life, Taito wakes up the next day and finds that he is alive and in school. Soon after, it’s revealed that Himea is now attending the same school. Gekkou and Taito also appear to have become “allies,” but definitely aren’t on good terms with each other. And so Taito’s troubles have only just begun…

I've found that I suddenly don't like Himea as much as I did in the first episode. :/

My Opinion:

I hope every episode of “Itsuka…” can be this pretty, because am I’m watching this series mainly because of the eye candy.

The plot itself isn’t all that bad actually; though the ending was a bit too “duex-ex-machina” for my tastes. Taito most likely survived the ordeal because he was just lucky enough to have died right when the cycle restarted. They really don’t give an explanation for that (and pretty much hand wave it by going, “Look, Himea acting CUTE!”) so that’s what I can infer from what happened.

The characters at this point still sit pretty neutrally with me, as not much of their personality was revealed due to the ACTION taking place this episode. After such a big battle (and only in the second episode…) I’m hoping the gang takes a bit of a break before going headstrong into another huge battle, just so I can see what they’re like acting “normally.” I really hope the characters aren’t as one-note as they seem to be…

Also, for supposedly being a powerful vampire, Himea actually doesn’t do… that much… She better not be there just for Taito to “protect” all the time because goddamn that would just be annoying. On another note, this series continues to be VERY violent and gory. Probably not as bad as say, Elfen Lied; but there’s still tons of blood. It’s to be expected since Taito’s immortal, I guess… (Poor Taito…)

Overall, this episode was somewhat average. The previous episode was actually a bit more entertaining because once Hinata showed up, things kind of went downhill for me. Oh, well; out of five: