There are SPOILERS.

I am rather amazed how my liking of Himea dropped like a rock these past two episodes...


Taito is enjoying a somewhat normal day at school when there is a sudden monster bug infestation that causes the school to be closed for the rest of the day. When Taito questions Gekkou about all the monster appearances around the school, Gekkou calls out a military officer of a magic/occult organization to explain the situation.

It's annoying how Taito's classmates act like HE IS THE ONLY STUDENT ALIVE HAVING RELATIONSHIP ISSUES. Does everyone else not have a love life?!

That thing just ATE YOUR FACE. So I would think that the answer is preeeeetty obvious.

There are many worlds and dimensions in the universe. All of them can only be passed by “rifts.” There is one particular spot on earth where all the worlds intersect—and that is where Taito’s high school happens to be built upon. The school was built under commands from the organization as a way to monitor the rifts. It was also built to take into account a special requirement of the rifts: only those under 18 can enter them. Thus, the members of the student council are tasked with the mission of keeping an eye on these rifts.

I feel bad for her--having to be stuck in the middle of all this STUPID.

After this debriefing, Taito and gang go down to the pool and relax. Gekkou has a flashback moment and leaves. He and his twin brother, Hinata, were apparently very close. But after Hinata sacrificed their parents to summon a powerful monster, and basically told Gekkou that he’ll kill him in nine years, Gekkou decided that he needed to kill his brother. The way in which Mirai became bonded to Gekkou is also explained. Soon afterwards, Gekkou meets a monster (in present time) which tells him Hinata is still alive (to the surprise of absolutely no one), while a deadly blood rain starts pouring from the skies around the school.

Congratulations Hinata; you've just evolved from "douche" into COMPLETE ASSHOLE.

My Opinion:

This series went from average, bad, to worse. I DON’T. GIVE A DAMN. ABOUT THE STUPID LOVE TRIANGLE BETWEEN TAITO/HIMEA/HARUKA. And yet the writers poke fun at it and make it seem like “oooooh” such a big deal! It’s annoying! There’s subtlety, and then there’s Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. (The joke is that this series isn’t very subtle, just like that joke I just made.) I mean, love triangles are good for drama, but I sometimes wish just once that there was a series that didn’t utilize a love triangle for the sake of having one. We KNOW that Taito will choose Himea since they’re basically bonded together at this point. What, was love triangles on the list of “required shonen clichés” that they needed to fill?

I complained about the series being a bit too “action-y” last time, and paid for it dearly this episode. Instead of action, we get PLOT. Loads of it. Loads of very stupid, very clichéd PLOT. The premise itself is interesting but there are so many far-fetched things about it that it ends up sounding really, really dumb. All of the different worlds happen to intersect in a place ON EARTH. Also, only people UNDER 18 can enter them. So some genius decides to build a school on top of the place RISKING THE LIVES OF HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS. Yeah, that’s real smart alright.

My bitching about anime fantasy logic aside, the animation quality in this series has already started taking a noticeable drop. Their attempts at humor constantly remain un-funny. Also, Himea–I’m just gonna sit here and let you die two times before I tell you to take shelter–continues to be useless! The only highlight of this episode is Gekkou’s and Mirai’s back stories.

Overall, a really bad episode in terms of… pretty much everything. There was fanservice, but it wasn’t THAT much. I’m much more annoyed by how Itsuka’s… story is developing. I would have been FINE if the whole plot was basically Taito trying to protect Himea from other people with magic who want her; but then they had to try to throw the fantasy-occult stuff into hyper drive by introducing the rifts and secret organization and it’s just… bleh. It’s all too much of “been there done that” and it’s just a little painful to watch.

Anyway, out of five:

  and 1/2

And that’s me being nice.