Nendoroid Hatsune Miku HMO Version – Hatsune Miku Orchestra

Hey everyone! I’m actually alive, believe it or not! (which shouldn’t be too surprising for anyone who follows my tumblr). I havent had time to review anything (or even really watch anything) because of moving to Japan and all but I took all the photos for this review before I left Australia and decided to assemble the review here when I got some decent time. This review really should have been done months ago,this figure was released at the end of January… but… oh well.


There are currently 39 million Miku nendoroids and counting, and nearly all of them have some kind of backstory. The backstory for this one begins with Yellow Magic Orchestra’s  80’s (I think?)song Kimi ni Mune Kyun  which is just about the most hilarious thing a group of fully grown japanese men can sing. (Seriously if you have the time look at the video it’s both the best and worst music video ever and I love how they are barely into it at all. The 80s was kind of a magical time I guess you had to be there) The song got a resurge in popularity when a (cuter) version was used for the ending theme to the first season of Maria+Holic, one of my favourite anime ED sequences ever. Now that it had a cutesy version and every cutesy song ever gets a Miku cover, it was only a matter of time:

So, the HMO (a nice little play on YMO) Miku nendoroid is based on the Miku in this brain-searingly adorable video by PAw Lab (which in parts is in turn based on the original YMO CD jacket) and is, to my knowledge, one of Good Smile’s biggest collaboration projects which makes it, In My Opinion, one of their most interesting nendoroid releases. For one, look at all the stuff this Miku comes with. I’ve never seen a nendoroid come with this much.

So much it doesn't all fit in the 'main' tray!

In fact there are so many parts that I was honestly intimidated by it and actually didn’t play with her for a long time. (…okay like 4-5 months I kept telling myself I would when I did the review) Although I have another reason for that. You see, this nendoroid is pure evil. She’s adorable and economical and has a face (3, actually) that melts your heart, all to mask the fact that she is completely evil and loves nothing more than to troll you. By falling apart if you breathe near her. And that’s not all, there are so many issues with this figure that I’m starting to doubt Good Smike’s quality control. Having one small issue with a nendoroid isnt rare but this one had a lot: the aforementioned falling apart, the fact that the peg for the stand doesn’t fit in her back properly, how loose her arms are…it’s pretty exasperating. And yet, the two reviews I’ve seen of this Miku don’t mention this which makes me wonder if this is just another case of me getting the short end of the Good Smile stick…again. It’s all the more exasperating that this figure has this many extras because it invites you to play with it as much as possible, and yet it takes me forever to do anything because of all these issues. If I try to change anything, move anything from the current setup, this Miku will evilly fall apart 5 million times before I can get her to stand completely still and take a photo.

breaking up my rant with the back-view.

There’s also the fact that, in what is also a (potential?) Nendoroid First, Miku is super, super articulated. She’s got elbow and knee joints, plus her waist can swivel, which is all well and good until you realize it makes her even more delicate and her waist is connected to her torso with what must be the weakest peg attachment ever so that it is constantly coming lose and making her lose her legs.These photos took forever but I persevered for the sake of the review, I would love to have taken more and more but my patience is nowhere near unlimited as the posing possibilities.  I should also add that this is the first nendoroid I’ve bought that has the new stand, a swivel arm thing that inserts into a hole in the back like a mini figma stand. It allows for all kinds of airborne poses and would be so much cooler if the damn peg would actually fit in Miku’s back properly or if I could raise her into the air without her legs falling off. But I got her to stay long enough to take this.

You can reenact some kind of hypercutesy Love is War.

Miku has those adorable baggy sleeves from the video that obscure her hands, but she’s still able to hold things. She has interchangeable sleeve attachments to make it look like she’s gripping through the fabric so that she can hold the megaphone and the leeks. It’s a really cute touch – I love baggy sleeves like this. The joints in them do look a little weird though. Aside from her default face and her happy yelling/singing face she also has a =3 face, which, although cute, admittedly does look a bit odd on her because in the video she has it whenever she went super-SD. With the original Miku nendoroid they included simplified hair parts to use with her Hachune Miku face to make her look more SD, but there’s nothing like that with this nendoroid….although it would be silly to expect that seeing as there are already 3 million extras as it is. I would have thought they’d go for the ‘kyun!’ face instead though.

Ah whatever, it's still cute.

Now for probably the niftiest part of the figure; there’s a part in the video where Miku is parodying the Yellow Magic CD jacket, which looks like this. So besides the nifty sunglasses, Miku also has some switchable headphones that are spilling cords out everywhere. Cords that end in USBs for some reason. This looks really cool, actually, and the amount of detail in the little wires right down to the tiny tiny USB heads is incredibly impressive. The ironic thing though is the Yellow Magic CD the image is from doesn’t actually seem to have Kimi ni Mune Kyun on it.

Believe it or not putting these crazy headphones on was one of the easiest things for me to do for this review.

The glasses have tiny, tiny pegs that attach to the inside of her bangs so you do have to remove her whole hair to put them on. This is actually a good idea though, these little pegs. The only other nendoroid I have with glasses is Itoshiki Nozomu and his just kind of rest there with the ‘arms; under the bangs and it can be tricky to get them exactly where they should be on his face. Because of the pegs though I’m not sure how easy it is to put the sunglasses on another nendoroid – I didn’t actually try this (and really regret it) but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult. If you look at the photo above you can see that one of her baggy sleeves has been swapped; I’ll talk about that in a bit.

Those USBs and cables look as though they would actually work!

Now on to her other extras, this Miku has 3 varieties of musical instruments, starting with an entire electric drum kit. Impressive! Good Smile could have just picked one but no, they put in all three. I still can’t get over how many extras this figure has. Anyway, the drum kit is a number of small parts that basically just sit around her, and you can make her look like she’s slamming them with the leeks like in the video.

...Yet, she lacks a seat, not that this figure needs any more extras.

For the next two instruments I’ll go into her changeable sleeves and hands now. Maybe you don’t like baggy sleeves that don’t show the hands as much as I do or maybe you just want Miku to look like she can play the recorder and keyboard properly. Good Smile has you covered; there are parts included to make her sleeves look their usual length, plus hands to put in, in both open and closed varities (the closed hands have a hole in them to slot the leeks into as you can see in a previous picture)

JAZZ HANDS man this is probably the cutest picture in the whole review.

So on to that recorder. In the video, Len has it. This figure also comes with some extras I didn’t include in the photo; face stickers for the regular Rin and Len nendoroids (which both come with blank faces, as I went over in my review of original Rin) to make them more resemble the stylized Rin/Len in the video. If you don’t want to give it to Len you don’t have to. There’s…a problem though. There is basically no way for Miku to actually hold this damn thing. It’s kind of confusing. For this picture I just stuck some blutac on her hand.

...millons of extras are nice and all but I can't help but think this one wasn't necessary.

On to the keyboards then. For some reason this Miku comes with two keyboards; one black and one grey. I don’t really know why this is, but hey, two keyboards. It looks pretty cute when you make her ‘play’ it though, and the detail of the keyboard and its keys is nice.

This face says "all I can play is Chopsticks"

This is one of the most difficult to review figures I’ve ever done because the good parts are great and the bad points are INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING. I hesitate on whether it’s fair to list this as a flaw of the entire figure line because, as I said, I really don’t know how many of them have this problem because other people’s reviews don’t point it out. These flaws are really, really annoying, but the good points of the figure are so good that, perhaps, they make up for it. After all, that amount of extras is really something and she only costs slightly more than a regular nendoroid. Not only that, but the figure itself looks very impressive; the painting is beautiful and the colours – particularly the gradients and shading on the hair, are lovely. The extras are all incredibly well-made and really do give her so much more life and personality than most other nendoroids, too. And that adorable face just makes me forgive her for all the pain she caused me when I tried to take all these photos….
In the end, I’ll give her this much out of 5:

By the way, here’s what you can do with that other keyboard. Jam session!

Stay tuned for Hideyoshi!

3 thoughts on “Nendoroid Hatsune Miku HMO Version – Hatsune Miku Orchestra

  1. Ariana August 6, 2011 / 4:53 pm

    I don’t know about other peoples’ reviews about this figure, but I definitely have problems with posing her also. Mine doesn’t fall apart at the “slightest” touch, but she’s still pretty finicky sometimes, and if try moving her around, then she usually falls out of her back peg. I HATE THAT BACK PEG. On Miku it’s worse because the strands on the back of her hair pretty much lock the peg into one place so you can’t really move her head. (You can move her body around to make it look like she’s turning her head, but it’s still slightly annoying.)

    I’ve never had any problems with her lower body. She’s never fallen apart at the waist/legs for me. One of her pigtails does keep popping off if I try twisting it too much when posing, though. Although the large number of joints are nice, they’re extremely loose which makes posing even more of a pain than it already is. Hence why I’ve been playing around with poses for Dead Master more than I have with Miku…

    I’ve tried putting the glasses on Dead Master and it… sort of works! Her bangs are shaped differently so I can’t secure it like Miku’s, but I can sort of pose it on her bangs and it stays, amazingly! The recorder did seem like a pretty pointless extra, but at least Dead Master can hold it (with her claws).

    Overall I’d only recommend this figure to experienced nendoroid collectors as she’s very hard to handle. Unfortunately, she was my first. But the upside of it is that any other nendoroid handles like a breeze now after having her…

  2. china93 August 7, 2011 / 4:30 am

    That doll is sooooooo cute!!!!

  3. chotomiki October 11, 2011 / 10:22 am

    Well,I have her,she’s cute,but(I agree with you)really bad.Parts keep on falling off and i swear getting that stand peg to fit in was like hell.Just remove her hair bangs and the head phones come off.Her bottom half always falls.My mum tried to stick them together using blu-tak.

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