Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Episode 6

Best villian exit line ever.


After losing another of the Seven Amulets to their new nemesis Black Carrier, Haruka and Kurumi have a fight, causing their relationship to go back to square one again. Aoi tries unsuccessfully to get them back together, but in the end has to rely on the help of Kisaragi (who is stuck in a bear costume). Kisaragi (disguised this time as Misty Bear), makes the two girls go through a series of “training routines” in order to strengthen their bond. Of course, this doesn’t really help much.

If only repairing relationships were ever that easy...

The next day, feeling that she has to protect her pride, Kurumi forces Haruka to train with her in order to take down “that stupid bear.” A week soon passes, and Misty Bear shows up again in order to give them the final test—that is, to defeat him together. Meanwhile, Aoi goes on ahead to an auction, where it is believed that another of the Seven Amulets has appeared.

Not a face I'd want to wake up to in the morning.
I loved this entire montage. It was so ridiculously CHEESY.

Due to their combined hatred for Misty Bear, they are able to defeat him, and rush over to the auction to aid Aoi. Even though it’s soon discovered that the supposed Seven Amulet is a fake, Haruka and Kurumi attempt to band together to defeat Black Carrier—but Aoi beats them both to it. In the end, Haruka and Kurumi still bicker, but their relationship is at least somewhat repaired.

Looking back at this cap now, it sure is QUALITY
Such is the disappointment of someone stealing your moment of glory.

My Opinion:

Kurumi is a decent character, but there are times when I just can’t stand her—this episode is one of those times. She’s a very loud, “tsundere”-type character. She’s not bad usually, but I just found her very annoying this episode. She’s always angry and yelling, and her voice is a little ear-grating. I hate to say it, but I think I preferred the Twin Angels when it was just Haruka and Aoi…

This episode as a whole was pretty “meh” to me. Since we already had Haruka and Kurumi in a bad relationship in episode 3, the whole plot of this episode just felt recycled. If not for Kisaragi, this whole thing would have been really boring. Though I have to admit, the “training montage” in the later half of the episode was one of the funnier moments in this series.

Overall, I felt that the producers could have handled this episode better because it didn’t bring anything new to the table. BUT it’s not as bad as episode 2 was so I guess that’s enough reason to be thankful.

Out of five:


I kind of miss Salome and Alexander…

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