Hanasaku Iroha Episode 20

Stubborn till the very end...


Minko continues to be stubborn-headed about doing everything by herself after the major conflict within her group, and arrives at the school early with ingredients intending to prepare them for the fair the next day. Ohana comes by to (forcefully) help, and so does some of Minko’s team. Soon after, Nako comes by and suggests that they have lunch. She asks for some omelet rice, which Minko skillfully prepares in the economics classroom. It is there that Ohana and co. learn just why they can’t prepare it in their class—the hot plate isn’t hot enough to make it.

Glasses moe!
I wasn't prepared for kid!Minko. So much adorable-ness!

Fortunately, thanks to Ohana, Nako, and Yuina; the girls are able to find a way around the problem and are able to add omelet rice to the menu in the end, making everyone happy. The festival begins the next day, and the princess café is a success. Tohru even drops by to eat there, whereupon Minko leaves a very special message for him on his order…

A nice shot of all the girls.
Is this some sort of reference to K-On or Haruhi? Or do all Japanese school festivals feature girls playing in a band?
As sweet as this scene was, I have to laugh. Minko also drew a GIANT heart around the whole thing in case the "LOVE" wasn't obvious enough.

My Opinion:

This was a good episode. Not one of the best of this series, but it was still rather good. We get a small glimpse of Minko’s childhood and reason for wanting to be a chef, and also see some slight character development in the way of her “confessing” her love to Tohru. Although Minko usually comes off as mean or “cold,” she is definitely one of my favorite characters because she’s so determined, and takes her job very seriously and with dignity.

I also liked the developing friendship between Nako and the artist girl. (Was she even given a name? If so, it has escaped me…) I hope we can see some more of their friendship later on in the series. They’re both shy/quiet types so when they became friends it was a big “awwwww c:” moment for me. The backgrounds in this episode were also really colorful and lovely. I’ve never actually been to a fair like that but I think it captures the atmosphere of one perfectly.

It seems that Ohana’s been taking a HUGE backseat to the series lately, as the main focus has been on other characters like Yuina, Enishi, Nako, and Minko. I don’t mind at all, though; as I am glad to see the other characters fleshed out. (And besides, Ohana still plays an important role in each episode.) It seems that Minko’s not yet finished with her time in the spotlight, as the next episode also focuses on her and her relationship with Tohru. I have sort of a bad feeling about this, but I hope things will work out well…

For this episode, out of five:

      and 1/2

One thought on “Hanasaku Iroha Episode 20

  1. Imma Ulya July 2, 2014 / 9:23 pm

    Apparently they do have light music club in most of the high schools in Japan

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