Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Episode 7

You know that when an anime character says this, there's a strong chance they're be proven wrong within the episode.


Yayoi has apparently discovered a monster in the lake next to the school. Haruka, Aoi, Kurumi, and another one of their classmates go along with Yayoi to the lake to try to see the monster in person, but are unsuccessful. They also meet Kisaragi, who says that if there really is a monster in the lake, it would most likely be experimented on if not outright killed. The Twin Angel girls feel bad for the monster after hearing this, and so go to the lake again that night.

I don't know about you guys, but I think Yayoi's the real monster here...
I think it looks sort of like a goron from LoZ...

Once at the lake, they see Nyan-chan, the girl who is always carrying a plate of crayfish and falling over. It appears that she has been feeding the monster every night, and they finally see its true form when it rises out of the water. Unfortunately, Yayoi has seen it too, and is able to snap a picture. Thus, the girls transform into the Twin Angels and attempt to move the monster to a secluded lake instead of trying to do the logical thing and destroying Yayoi’s camera or something I mean really. However, they are stopped by Black Carrier, who accidentally reveals that the monster has swallowed one of the Seven Amulets.

Nyan-chan was pretty adorable this entire episode.

A short fight arises, but Aoi is finally able to defeat Black Carrier with the power of KNOWLEDGE. It turns out that the monster is actually a giant salamander—an endangered species that is protected by law. Black Carrier runs away in defeat, just as Misty Knight arrives on scene. Thanks to Misty Knight, the monster finally sneezes out the amulet and returns to its former size. Although it no longer comes out to greet Nyan-chan, at least it can finally live peacefully for the rest of its life.

Misty Knight: looking as cool as he can while covered in giant salamander snot.
Okay, I admit that this part did make me go "awww" a bit.

As for the issue of Yayoi’s photo… It turns out terrible, as usual.

My Opinion:

This episode seemed extremely average to me. There wasn’t much that really stood out. The plot was cute but it seemed to fail a bit in the “touching story” department. Because of the more “serious” nature of the episode, I guess the producers decided to reduce the gags, which I thought was a bad idea. Forgoing gags only works when you have a legitimately sad episode; otherwise it just makes things somewhat dull.

Even though the episode wasn’t great, it still made me like Nyan-chan a lot more as a character. She’s adorable! I really like her voice, too. Although she’ll probably still fall down a lot, at least it won’t be while carrying crayfish anymore…

Even though Misty Knight did step in to help the girls, I am kind of glad that the girls were able to defeat the baddie on their own before he stepped in. Misty Knight actually hasn’t been doing too much in the way of battle lately, which probably implies that the girls are stronger now than at the beginning of the series. As much as I like Misty Knight, having him save all the girls all the time has somewhat unfortunate implications… I’m glad he’s taken a back-seat now, but also somewhat sad because he was definitely one of the more wacky and interesting characters in this series.

Anyway, out of five:

    and 1/2 (close to a three, but not quite)

3 thoughts on “Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Episode 7

  1. sivigilgalad August 20, 2011 / 1:00 am

    IT DOES LOOK LIKE A GORON. And someone else likes both anime and Zelda. This makes me happy.

    • Ariana August 20, 2011 / 1:36 am

      I think Anu (a past reviewer here) is a bigger Zelda fan than I am, but I do like it somewhat. I only own the handheld games (Oracle of Ages for the GBC and Phantom Hourglass for the DS). I would love to get my hands on a 3DS for the Ocarina of Time remake.

      I take it anime fans who are also Zelda fans are pretty rare…?

      • sivigilgalad August 20, 2011 / 4:29 pm

        I don’t remember having seen any posts by Anu, so maybe that was before I started frequenting Moeronpan. I love Zelda and have played (although not necessarily beaten, lol) almost every Zelda game in existence. I’d love to play the OoT remake, too, but the price of the 3DS… eesh. Even after they lowered it–for a handheld console? Don’t think so.

        Mm, to be honest I don’t really know how rare they are. Around where I live (a college town), anime fans are not the biggest majority to begin with, though obviously they do have a solid presence. I would probably meet more of them if I had time to attend some of the clubs on campus. Also, most gamers I meet tend more toward Playstation or Xbox games rather than the more “Old School” series like Mario and Zelda. The natural association of the two would seem apparent to me, from Zelda’s Japanese origins and largely Japanese art style (though, as a French nerd, I’m excited about the French impressionist style they’ve chosen for Skyward Sword), but aside from the Vizkids (?) Zelda manga that have come out in recent years, I’ve not really heard Zelda and anime/manga mentioned in the same context.

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