There are SPOILERS!

Whatever you say, Takako...


Enishi and Takako decide to marry, even though they are tight on cash. However, Sui only allows them to marry if they have a proper wedding ceremony, which they both reluctantly agree to. Ohana then suggests that they hold the ceremony at the inn, in order to cut down on expenses. And so, the inn workers start preparing for the wedding day.

By now I'm pretty sure that this gate will play an important part in the last episode as it gets featured so much.

Mood whiplash in 3... 2... 1...

Tohru and Minko are able to get some time alone, when they both go shopping for ingredients. However, the atmosphere is ruined when Tohru brings up Ohana, whereupon Minko’s jealously is reignited. That night, Minko and Ohana get into a fight in the bath area, and Minko angrily tells Ohana to reciprocate Tohru’s feelings for her by going out with Tohru. Minko then runs off telling Ohana to “die,” leaving Ohana hurt and confused.

Ohana seems to have the same sharp wit as her grandmother.

The next day at school, Nako and friend are told to throw out the old white school curtains. But seeing how wasteful it is just to toss them, Ohana and Nako decide to use them to make a wedding dress for Takako instead. Back at the inn, Takako has second thoughts about marrying Enishi, mainly because of money problems. When Takako brings this up to Sui, Sui gives Takako a ring—her ring, which her husband gave to her when they married. Although Sui approves of Enishi’s marriage to Takako, she says cryptically that she isn’t willing to make Takako the successor to the Kissuiso…

Nako's friend makes another cameo!

...I probably should have taken a cap of younger Denroku too...

My Opinion:

Okay, I knew that Enishi and Takako were going to get hitched by the end of the series, but I wasn’t expecting it to be THIS soon. Though I guess we are close enough to the end of the series by now—anyway, I digress.

This certainly was one of the more dramatic/emotional episodes in the series. Poor, poor Minko. I believe that it’s all just a misunderstanding at this point, but it has still caused the relationship between Minko and Ohana to turn sour once again. I’m pretty sure that a lot of this drama could have been avoided had Minko just confessed her love to Tohru already, even if it wouldn’t make for a very interesting series… There is also some hint at Tomoe and Renji starting a relationship, though that could have been thrown in just for laughs.

I was also surprised that we were able to get some back-story on Sui! This time, we get a glimpse of how she got married and inherited the Kissuiso (and we also see Ohana’s grandfather for the first time). Obviously, we know he died, but Sui doesn’t specifically say when or how. Based on Enishi’s flashbacks, I think it was probably right after Enishi was born, which is… really sad to say the least. What does Sui mean when she says that she doesn’t intend for Takako to be the successor to the inn? Does that mean she has someone else in mind, like Ohana?

As we’re nearing the last episode (I think that would be episode 26), it seems that earlier plot lines are all starting to come together as we also near the fall festival. Relationships will be either broken or formed by the end of all this, and I’m sure that Ko will make one last appearance then. I eagerly await the next episode.

Out of five: