Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Episode 8

There are some slight spoilers so beware.

Tesla and Nine have arrived!


The girls (Haruka, Aoi, Kurumi, and three of their classmates) go to a seaside hotel/resort to have some fun. Once there, Nyan-chan nearly drowns and Haruka gets pushed under when trying to save her. Fortunately, both girls are rescued by the twin sisters, Tesla and Nine. Although the girls develop a friendship of sorts with the twins, Tesla and Nine are forced to leave early, due to some important business.

Haruka seems to be about 13-14, while Kisaragi seems about 15-16 (since he goes to the same school as the girls); so their relationship isn't THAT creepy.

It’s revealed later that Tesla and Nine are also Twin Angels (who are actually real twins this time), but they work under Black Trader. They are attempting to find one of the Seven Amulets called the “Angel’s Tear,” which is special in that it is made up of two parts. However, up until now, they were only able to find fakes. Supposedly, there is a real part at St. Cherine’s academy, so guess what happens next…

One of the fancier of the Seven Amulets, I think.
Slow down there Saijou-sensei; you're not married to Toreda yet.

Tesla and Nine are enrolled in Haruka’s, Aoi’s, and Kurumi’s school shortly after. While Nine (who has been shown to be somewhat of an emotionless girl) bonds with Haruka, Tesla goes around snooping for the Angel’s Tear. That night, Tesla has a dream/flashback to a dark past in the twins’ lives. She vows revenge against the Twin Angels.

So far, I like Nine a little more than her sister. This cap... *o*
Oh dear...

My Opinion:

We finally get to meet the other Twin Angels (who were featured so heavily in the OP) and, as expected, the series starts getting serious. There’s still a bit of humor here and there, but it’s much more subdued. And thankfully, for a “beach episode” it wasn’t actually that bad. The fanservice was there but it wasn’t the main focus of the episode (THANK GOD).

Although the Twin Angel series has been a gag-heavy series so far, the producers managed to handle a more serious tone quite well. In fact, having Tesla and Nine bond with the main Twin Angels so much gives a bittersweet impression, because you know they’ll have to fight each other soon.

Tesla and Nine themselves are decent enough characters. They do somewhat fall under some personality clichés (the emotionless girl and the “older sister” type character), but with anime having progressed as far as it has, that’s to be expected. It’s not as bad as the “tsundere” personality syndrome at least. The two girls also seem to have a tragic back-story, which is… also rather clichéd, but the “twist” is that it’s implied Toreda/Trader may actually be the one who sabotaged their lives, blaming the Twin Angels for it. Whatever happens, things are definitely going to get more interesting, seeing as these may be the most powerful antagonists the Twin Angels have had to face so far.

Overall, a somewhat slower-paced episode, but it makes up for it with some character development of the new girls. The episode quality this time was so-so; some of the far away shots have noticeably poorer animation, but at least Tesla’s and Nine’s scant action scenes were fluid and smooth.

Out of five:

      and 1/2

Takuya Fujima artwork! Too bad your writing (*cough*R-15*cough*) is kind of terrible.

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