Hanasaku Iroha Episode 22

Spoilers ahead!

This is a nice shot of Ohana.


Ohana receives a call from her mom while at school. Ohana mentions that Enishi is getting married, and Setsuki (Ohana’s mother) let’s loose that she had a “one-sided crush” on Ohana’s father. It’s also revealed that Ohana’s father has died a long time ago. The “one-sided crush” thing gets Ohana thinking about Ko again.

Aaaaaaaa Nako! ;_;

That night, Ohana and Minko get into a large fight again, and Minko tries to force Ohana to accept Tohru’s feelings. Ohana refuses, because she claims that she already has someone she loves: Ko. This causes Minko to angrily mention her crush on Tohru, which Tohru overhears. Minko then runs away to a nearby shrine, and Tohru follows after her. Tohru reveals that he doesn’t love Ohana in “that way” and so things are somewhat mended between him and Minko. That night, Minko says to Ohana that she’ll continue pursuing Tohru.

I supported you guys from the beginning, just so you know.

A few days later, the wedding is on! Everything goes smoothly, thanks to all the hard work done by the inn workers. Ohana decides to tell Ko about her true feelings afterwards. After the wedding, however, Sui calls everyone to a meeting. Although the Kissuiso has been running for 40 years; after the Bonbori festival, Sui plans on closing it down, much to the shock of everyone.

Tomoe, you can't manipulate the bouquet toss!
Oh man this whole skit was the most hilarious thing ever.
They got the singer from the OP and ED to sing at their wedding!

My Opinion:

Wow this episode certainly contained high amounts of DRAMA. Probably even more than a few of the past episodes combined. It wasn’t a bad thing, though. Ohana’s and Minko’s relationship was going to explode into a fight sooner or later, so it was only a matter of time. One thing that’s clear is that this series is very definitely nearing its end. Many things have been resolved: Minko and Tohru’s relationship (somewhat), and Ohana’s feelings for Ko. However, we’re hit with another twist at the end of the episode, in the way of the Kissuiso closing down.

I was genuinely surprised at this news, but I suppose it wasn’t completely unexpected. There were many hints and foreshadowing in past episodes, with characters mentioning that the inn hasn’t been doing too well lately. There hasn’t been too many customers lately, Setsuki’s review, the fact that there are some money problems, etc.

Going back to the episode itself, the mood whiplash was actually handled rather well. There were intense emotions in the first half, but that’s what makes the second half of the episode come off so well. Having the entire second half dedicated to a wedding would normally be boring; but after what transpired earlier, it becomes relaxing instead. The comedy present throughout also helped with instilling a happier mood.

I doubt that the Kissuiso would actually close down in the end (because we still have about four episodes left), but… who knows? One thing I can be sure of is that Ohana won’t accept this news without a fight. This episode was one of the more interesting ones, so I wonder how the series finale will be able to top this off?

Out of five:

        and 1/2

Man and woman... now husband and wife.

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