Nekogami Yaoyorozu Episode 8

Mayu, do you even HAVE any money to be gambling with?


Mayu gambles with Shizuha (using dice) and loses her savings and a game in the process. Fortunately, Shizuha isn’t as bad as she seems—she gives Yuzu the money to spend on food for Mayu, but keeps the game; which she gives to her son Gonta when she gets back to the shrine. But Mayu (being Mayu) vows to get the game back no matter what; so when she tracks the game disk to Gonta’s shrine, she asks Yuzu to help her with her plan.

Turns out Shizuha really is a fox, which mean's Gonta's a fox too. I thought he was a dog-god at first, whoops.
Nothing can stand in the way of Mayu and her games!

Mayu and Yuzu show up at Gonta’s place pretending to come there for work (as Gonta mentioned before that his shrine needed more workers). While Gonta’s stuck in daydream land with Yuzu, Mayu sneaks around looking for her precious game disk. However, when Shizuha walks by, Mayu’s forced to go into hiding Solid Snake style (aka, in a box). While hiding, Mayu overhears that Shizuha has a pair of loaded dice. Mayu is, understandably, PISSED.

This looks like a scene straight out of a dating sim...
Oh hi there Yoshino. She practically did NOTHING though, so I didn't feel the need to mention her in the summary.

Although Mayu cannot prove that Shizuha used the loaded dice during their previous match, they decide to settle things (with help from the visiting Cherry Blossom God) through gambling. Predictably, Mayu wins; but in the most epic way possible. Turns out the game that Mayu was so desperate to retrieve was actually Gonta’s game… loaned out to her over a year ago. Gonta ends up letting her keep it, though; as he’s such a nice guy. That night, Mayu goes home happily with the game in hand, but…

Mayu, you forgot something...

My Opinion:

Nekogami Yaoyorozu has gone back to being the series I know and love. I found the nampla ramen gag to be a little… flat; but the rest of the episode was full of good fun. Also, we got to see a lot of Gonta’s mother, Shizuha; who’s always entertaining to watch. Same with Gonta—I lol’d at quite a few of his daydreams (that poor, poor dog fox). Overall, I’m just really glad to be able to watch something mindless and funny, especially after the more serious episodes we’ve had lately.

The thing I like most about this series so far is that the characters aren’t just one-note personalities. Shizuha, for example, may be a gambler and a heavy drinker, but she’s also shown to be very caring. I think this shows through the most in the opening scene of this episode. While Shizuha may have cheated during the gambling match between herself and Mayu, she returns the money to Yuzu (Mayu’s caretaker) so that Mayu would be well fed. Similarly, Mayu also has a caring side in regards to Yuzu, even though she is somewhat lazy and a video game addict. Although I may not laugh at all the gags this series throws out, at least the characters are interesting and unique (and likeable!).

Anyway, out of five:

      and 1/2

3 thoughts on “Nekogami Yaoyorozu Episode 8

  1. Justin September 3, 2011 / 11:12 pm

    Yep, that is one thing that I agree with–if all else fails, the characters are at least interesting enough to make this series likeable^^

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