Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Episode 9

SPOILERS!!! Also, sorry that this is somewhat late–I was busy with work.

Tesla you're looking a bit QUALITY there


The school festival day has arrived, and the Angel trio are busy working at a maid café (why is it always a maid café…) along with Tesla and Nine, and some other classmates. While business is going well, the Angels’ can’t let their guard down too much. The day of the school festival is also the day when the Angel Tear necklace (one part of it) will be put on display for the public. This means that Tesla and Nine are out to get it, while the Twin Angels strive to protect it.

Satsuki looks pretty good in a butler outfit! Too bad I couldn't get a good cap of it.
Nyan-chan's obsession with Pitan is kinda... cute/hilarious/sad.

After dealing with a pesky robot that flips up girls’ skirts (…it makes more sense in context), the girls unwittingly reveal their identity to Tesla and Nine, who had been spying on them from afar. Although the girls are pained to know that their friends are the Twin Angels, their anger for revenge burns far brighter. When the time comes for the Angel Tear viewing, Saijou-sensei (disguised as Black Carrier), is called upon by Toreda/Trader to wreck havoc on the school to set up a distraction.

Saijou is the worst/best villian ever.

With help from Misty Knight, the Twin Angels are quickly able to see through the plan, and Aoi and Haruka rush on ahead to stop Tesla and Nine from making off with the Angel Tear. After the twin girls reveal themselves as “Twin Phantom,” a short fight ensues. With their mastery of lightning, Haruka and Aoi are defeated easily. Just as they are about to escape, Haruka recognizes Nine by way of a bandage she gave to Nine earlier. This shocks Haruka and Aoi so much that they let Tesla and Nine escape with the Angel Tear.

why am I so bad at capping any action scenes
This was sad and all, but... it's not THAT hard finding out everyone's identities...

Later that day, Black Trader goes into his secret lair, revealing the reason for wanting all Seven Amulets:

I'm sorry, what.

My Opinion:

…So. This episode… Well. Where to begin, where to begin…

It wasn’t really terrible but I would call it a good episode either. The producers definitely could have found a less stupid way of revealing the Twin Angels’ identities to Tesla and Nine. “Oh my gosh, a robot that’s FLIPPING UP GIRLS’ SKIRTS!” Also, the whole thing with Haruka not wearing underwear because the spirit angel thing forgot to give her some during the transformation–what was the point of having that there at all? Because in the end, it contributed nothing (not even “real fanservice”) and makes the whole farce even stupider than it was before. But I digress…

A lot of this episode seemed like filler to me, personally. The maid cafe was sort of entertaining I guess, and it’s nice that they included some fanservice for the girls (by way of Satsuki), but it felt like it went on a bit too long for such a “plot heavy” episode. The “drama” also seemed way too melodramatic that it’s a little hard to take seriously. Even the “big reveal” about Tesla and Nine to the Angel girls seemed… lacking; because they did basically NOTHING to prevent Tesla and Nine from escaping with the Angel Tear after the fact. I mean… I know you guys are shocked and all, but you could at least do SOMETHING instead of just standing there watching while they slowly take off.

Another thing that ruined the episode was the animation quality. Apparently, most of the budget was spent on the last episode (ep eight) or something, as the quality of this episode was rather poor. Even the “fight scene” wasn’t as good as the action scenes present in episode 8. And since this is a “serious” episode, the humor wasn’t too strong either.

Overall, the plot wasn’t too bad; it’s just the execution of it that was terrible. Also… what’s up with the Holy Grail war business? I guess we’ll find out next time.

Out of five:


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