Possible spoilers here.

Never mess with Mayu's mom.


It’s a rainy day at Yuzu’s and Mayu’s antique shop. As Yuzu takes care of a customer, Mayu tells a story to entertain the bored Yoshino. The rain reminds her of the day when she and Yuzu first met.

As much as I try, I still can't bring myself to like Yoshino. SHE'S SO OBNOXIOUS...

The story starts off with a few scenes from the first episode, in which Mayu gets thrown down to earth after disobeying her mother yet again. From there, we see that Mayu has landed at an abandoned shrine. The first being she sees is a ghost cat, who says he’ll give up his territory to Mayu if she can fulfill his last wish—which is to fulfill Yuzu’s wish. Mayu doesn’t agree to it, but gets roped into doing the request anyway when Yuzu shows up to pray at the shrine. It is there that Yuzu and Mayu first meet.

Badass ghost cat!

Kid!Yuzu will never not be adorable.

Although Mayu claims she will fulfill any wish of Yuzu (despite not having much of her powers), Yuzu proclaims that she doesn’t have a wish. Mayu ends up following Yuzu around and trying to get her to wish for something. Eventually, Yuzu concedes and says that she wishes to find out where her cat, Kotetsu, went. However, Mayu soon realizes that Kotetsu was the ghost cat she met before; and since he’s a ghost, well… you know…

So this is how the first meeting went... I'm surprised that Yuzu's just all, "Oh a cat god, okay then."

Mayu ends up trying to fulfill the wish anyway, after which Yuzu tearfully reveals that she had an inkling that Kotetsu is already dead. After this, Kotetsu reveals himself (still in ghost form), and greets Yuzu for the last time. We then cut back to the present, where it is shown that Mayu now keeps Yuzu company in Kotetsu’s place. And so, things go on as they have before…


I really love this cap.

My Opinion:

Nekogami Yaoyorozu really loves their flashbacks, don’t they? This is the fourth one we’ve had so far, if we count Mayu’s “ghost story” from episode 7. I don’t actually mind, as Mayu’s and Yuzu’s relationship is really sweet. However, the flashbacks are much more somber in tone so people who watch this series for the gags might not like them too much.

We get the story behind Mayu’s and Yuzu’s first meeting this time! I was expecting it to be shown in the last episode, but here is fine too. I guess this one is a bit different than the other flashbacks in that Mayu is personally telling the story to someone else. It’s a nice thing that Nekogami Yaoyorozu mixes up the way in which flashbacks are told, because it makes each flashback distinct from the others. However… why did the person Mayu tell it to have to be Yoshino of ALL PEOPLE??? I guess she’s the best “audience” as she’s such a ditz but I can’t stand Yoshino. She’s the least developed character in this series so far, yet I think she’s had more than screentime than both Meiko and Sasana. What’s the point of including her if she does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?! It’s a good thing she didn’t talk much during the whole thing, but whenever she did I wanted to shake my monitor in anger.

Personal bias aside, the animation quality of this episode was rather good. There’s a lot of rain (why does it seem like there’s always rain in all the flashbacks…) that’s really nicely rendered, and the backgrounds are lovely and seemed a bit more detailed than in other episodes. I guess the good thing about having a “simplistic” character design is that more work can be put into the backgrounds, and it shows. The only thing that I have to criticize about this episode (…other than Yoshino) is that Yuzu seems surprisingly okay with just meeting a cat god out of nowhere. I suppose that physical gods are a pretty normal thing where Yuzu lives but… I wonder if that will ever be explained?

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

      and 1/2

An almost "Kiema and Elsie"-like moment... though Elsie actually has a personality.