Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Episode 10


On this episode of Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise...


Continuing on from last time, Tesla and Nine have now stopped coming to school—for obvious reasons. At the same time, Kisaragi has gone to Italy supposedly to “study abroad,” (in actuality, he’s gone there to find out the truth about what happened to Tesla’s and Nine’s parents). At Tesla’s and Nine’s place, the girls are shown to be sulking over the recent clash between the Twin Angels. Tesla realizes that there’s no way the Twin Angels could have started the fire all those years ago, as they’re the same age as her and Nine now. However, she tells Nine that they still have to complete the task set by Trader because they are indebted to him.

I this girl was put in to make a sort of throwback to how Kurumi used to study in Italy, as they both wear bells around their necks. Also, everyone in Italy totally speaks Japanese.
Don't worry, this is the last time you'll see the "relection in the window" shot. (In this episode at least)

That night, Black Trader tells the twins to go to St. Cherine’s to steal the remaining amulets. The next day, Tesla and Nine meet up with the Angel girls when they infiltrate the school. A short battle ensues, but Nine is shown to not have the will to fight against her newly-made friend, Haruka. Trader, seeing the girls losing their resolve, decides to take things into his own hands and sends an army of robots to attack the school and steal the remaining amulets by force. While Aoi and Kurumi go to protect the amulets, Haruka stays behind to deal with Twin Phantom, who are obviously shocked about the turn of events.

Kisaragi is still doing reseach in Italy all this time. And oho, what's this?

As Haruka tries to reason with Tesla and Nine, two missiles are suddenly sent towards them. Haruka shoves them all out of the way; but unfortunately, the missiles have caused the forest surrounding St. Cherine to burn. Nine abandons the mission and goes to help Haruka save the animals that are fleeing. At around the same time, Aoi and Kurumi find themselves aided against the onslaught of robots by—surprisingly—Salome and Alexander. Back in the forest, Tesla finally rebels against Black Trader after one of the robots starts shooting at Nine.

Yeah, you guys sure screwed up.
I never thought I'd be so happy to hear Salome's voice again...

At the end of the day, after all the robots are eliminated, Misty Knight suddenly appears in front of Tesla and Nine. He hands them a disk, and tells them to look at it and think things over before deciding anything else. Not long after, Aoi and Kurumi (along with Salome and her henchman) meet up with Haruka and Misty Knight, telling them that there is a timed bomb set to go off on school grounds. Everyone rushes over and Misty Knight quickly deactivates it. However, it turns out to have been a trap; as the whole thing flies off into the air and explodes anyway, with Misty Knight still in it…

...oh my god...

My Opinion:

I hope you guys have recovered from the WALL OF TEXT summary, but I don’t think I have fully recovered yet from watching this episode. I mean… wow. This series has definitely turned dark, hasn’t it?

I think I’ve said before that drama isn’t really a strong point of this series. Even so, I found the drama in this episode to be… surprisingly well done. Tesla’s and Nine’s angst-ing is portrayed realistically (well… as realistically as possible in this type of series anyway) and I actually felt real sympathy for both of them. Also, the major PLOT TWIST at the end. I know there’s a large chance Misty Knight/Kisaragi isn’t dead (because this is Twin Angel we’re talking about), but still; I wasn’t expecting a FREAKING EXPLOSION because… this is Twin Angel we’re talking about! The beginning of this series was all “happy fun times!” and then BAM! People possibly getting killed in explosions! I feel bad for laughing at Alexander’s “HENTAI MASK! NOOOOOOOO!” but it was so, so narmy… Mood whiplash at its finest, people.

Getting back on topic, I think Tesla and Nine are possibly the most developed characters in this series; which is amazing as they’ve only been in three episodes. Black Trader is also a surprisingly developed villain for a series like this. Okay, so I still don’t know exactly what he’s ultimately plotting, but he’s not your typical, “LOOK AT ME, I’M SO EVIL! MUAHAHAHA!” archetype villain that seems to get used in most kids anime. The build-up and portrayal of how he’s evil actually makes him that much more scary, especially considering the things that happened this episode.

To end this review before it gets too long; the animation quality in this episode was good (I guess this is where all the funding went…), and the plot (while somewhat clichéd) was still pretty good considering the series we’re talking about. It’s really apparent by now that we’re nearing the end game, so I guess we can only wait and see what happens next!

Out of five:


To lighten the mood a bit, here's a nice fanart piece featuring Haruka.

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