Ohana and Ko finally meet, after which they discuss their feelings (…sorta). Although Ohana doesn’t openly admit her own feelings towards Ko, she asks him to come see her at the Bonbori festival. He agrees. After this, Ohana goes back to the Kissuiso alone. (Takako comes back later on her own.)

Now it's Minko's turn to cry.

Of course I had to cap this. How long ago was this written, exactly...?

Back at the Kissuiso, it’s revealed that many of the inn workers already have possible future positions open in other businesses. However, everyone agrees that they want to stay and work at the Kissuiso. Although business has been slow, it suddenly picks up after an unusually good review by Satsuki. Enishi takes this as a sign that the Kissuiso shouldn’t close, but Sui is adamant about closing it. That night, Ohana attempts to talk to Sui about it, and gets invited on an early morning trip.

This bath scene was kind of... lolwut

I think Sui qualifies to be a "badass grandma".

The next day, Ohana and Sui visit the grave of Sui’s late husband. While the two are there, Sui suddenly collapses and has to rest at a nearby friend/neighbor’s house. During this time, Sui explains to Ohana why she wants to close down the inn. The inn was started mainly “for her happiness”; and she feels regret for making Satsuki and Enishi have to deal with her selfish behavior (by living/working at the inn). This is why she doesn’t want to burden the rest of the inn workers either, and has finally decided to let go of the dream she and her husband had. Ohana replies that she doesn’t fully understand, but will do her best on the day of the festival. When the two arrive back at the inn, the other inn bosses are angry at the Kissuiso staff for not sending any workers to help with festival preparations. Enishi angrily defends his people, saying that they are too busy preparing for customers to help. However, Ohana says she’ll help, despite the Kissuiso needing more workers. As she leaves, a rift seems to have opened up between her and the other members…

Women in the Ohana's family must have the shittiest luck as both mothers had their husbands die on them... Let's pray that Ko doesn't go the same way.

I'm just going to shut up and gush about the background here

My Opinion:

To be perfectly honest, I almost found this episode boring. It’s very slow-paced and seemed a lot duller than the past episodes. Fortunately, there were some amusing tidbits in the way of Tohru and Minko bonding over manga; Jiroumaru apparently having written said manga; and THAT BATH SCENE; so things were still interesting.

The thing I didn’t like so much was that Ohana is still unable to reveal her true feelings. At this point, she’ll probably reveal it at the very end, but jeez. I know it’s hard to confess your love for someone in real life; but having to sit through it all in an anime is an exercise in frustration. Way to stall for time, series!

The second part of the episode was far better than the first, as it focused on Sui; and on Ohana’s relationship with Sui. Turns out she’s not as mean as she first appears to be, just very strict and firm where it counts. Now that most of the inn workers have started to rebel against Sui (and as we’re nearing the end of the series), I wonder what will happen next? And, for that matter, what Ohana will ultimately decide to do?

Out of five:

    and 1/2