Nekogami Yaoyorozu Episode 10


Oh hi there new characters!


Back in the Kingdom of the Gods (on the moon, specifically), Princess Kukuri and her guardian-cat-in-training Amane are shown battling a horde of rat demons. After Kukuri scolds Amane for being “too bloodthirsty,” she gets called by Lord Tsukuyomi to a meeting about the increasing rat problem. Tsukuyomi and Kukuri discuss summoning their secret weapon: Mayu. However, Amane overhears and misunderstands, thinking that the two intend to replace her. She runs away to earth in sadness.

Yuzu hates free-loaders.
I doubt that Nekogami Yaoyoruzu is all that popular even in Japan, but I hope it's at least popular enough to get puchi nendos...

At Yuzu’s place, Mayu has received a letter from her mother (delivered by Sasana), saying that her ban from the god kingdom has been lifted and to return home immediately. However, Mayu has grown far too comfortable with earth life to bother going home, and gets scolded by Yuzu and… Amane; who barges her way into the house. While Mayu continues lounging, Amane informs Yuzu and present company (Gonta and Sasana) about why Mayu’s needed and what her duty is/will be. Mayu once again protests that she doesn’t want to be Princess Kukuri’s guardian cat, and so decides to set off to the moon the next day.

DAT QUALITY FORESHORTENING aside; I quite like Amane!
Sun god Amaterasu makes a cameo!

That afternoon (and evening), Amane stays over at Mayu’s and Yuzu’s house, and gets shown a good time by all. That night, Mayu takes Amane out to a roadside ramen shop and Amane spills her feelings: She feels depressed at being replaced because she worked so hard in order to go from being a normal god to a cat god. Mayu comforts her (sorta) and they are joined by Shamo in eating nampla ramen. However, in a dark alleyway; a rat demon arises from the shadows…

Shamo's full name is really long...
And then suddenly there was PLOT

My Opinion:

A wild plot appears! Seriously, I wasn’t really expecting this “big” a plot within the last three(?) episodes of Nekogami Yaoyorozu. I guess the series saw how few episodes it had left and decided that the story finally needed to be told. I don’t actually mind the lateness of the plot as Nekogami has always been “gags first, plot second,” but it still feels odd. We’ve had a slew of gag-based episodes, some flashbacks; and then suddenly, we’re hit with the fact that rat demons are eating people’s memories. Okay then.

The only real criticism I have with this turn of events is that I wish the plot had been hinted at a little more in past episodes. Sure, there were some glimpses of Lord Tsukuyomi and Princess Kukuri, and Yurara did mention something about the storehouse of memories; but there was nothing about RAT DEMONS. Anyway, I’m digressing a bit now… We also get introduced to Amane this episode! A late addition to the cast, but I rather like her so far. I think she has an adorable character design!

Overall, a so-so episode. Because of all the PLOT, there weren’t too many gags this time; but Nekogami Yaoyorozu handles a more serious plot surprisingly well, so this episode still kept me entertained.

Out of five:


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