Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Episode 11

As this is near the end of the series, there are obviously SPOILERS.

Also, as a side-note; I’ll be starting school again sometime next week, so the next few updates might not be so evenly spread and/or might be later than usual.

Hey, remember when this was just a happy, silly magical girl series?


After the horrible events of last episode, the girls take some time off to recover. Haruka is hit the hardest, believing that she was at fault for Misty Knight’s “death.” Meanwhile, Tesla and Nine have finally looked through the disk that Misty Knight gave to them and discover that Trader had been working with their father to find the Seven Amulets before his death. Although the girls have some suspicion of Trader, Tesla still regards Trader as “their father” because he did raise them after they were left parentless. And so, the girls vow to stop Trader, not for revenge, but to stop him from his own evil intentions lest they backfire.

A rare, lovely scene for Twin Angel.
MEANWHILE at Salome's place... Also; who owns that photo, exactly? Alexander?
If Salome makes Alexander think up all the plans, then that might explain why most of them suck...

Tesla and Nine soon confront Trader, who is residing in his “secret lair.” The twins ask Trader to stop pursuing such mindless ambitions, but Trader refuses to yield; saying that he wishes to use the power of the Seven Amulets to destroy the world and build a new one—thus becoming a god. Tesla and Nine are forced into action but Trader easily defeats both of them with some type of magical shield. As this is going on (elsewhere in Japan), Aoi finally snaps Haruka out of her depression with a well-intentioned slap to the face. As the two girls make up, Kurumi rushes to them with a letter that had been sent by Tesla and Nine.

Congrats; Black Trader has now evolved into LARGE HAM!
Oh hey, finally a scene that does not make the younger versions of the girls simply look like chibis.

After reading the letter, the Twin Angel girls quickly transform and rush Trader’s headquarters in an attempt to stop Trader and rescue Tesla and Nine.  While Kurumi stays behind to deal with some pesky robots and Black Carrier, Haruka and Aoi arrive at Trader’s lair, where Tesla and Nine have now been chained to the walls. Although Haruka’s and Aoi’s combined attacks are able to break through Trader’s magical barrier, he’s able to find the last piece of the Angel’s Tear… It was hidden in the girls’ poketen all along! With the combined Angel Tear, Trader has finished his collection of all Seven Amulets. Haruka and Aoi (now de-transformed) can only watch in horror as Trader summons a sinister demon from the skies.

Saijou-sensei... :c
"I have successfully completed my plan! Now... CUE EVIL VILLAIN LAUGH!"

My Opinion:

Another very plot-heavy; very serious episode. As such, there are almost no gags this time around, and quite a bit of action. I don’t mind; this stuff may not be the most original thing ever, but in the realm mahou shojo, it’s pretty much typical fare. For those of you who still watch this series for the gags, there were some in the way of Alexander’s and Salome’s interaction, but that’s it.

Also, AN ACTUAL PLOT TWIST, MY GOD! I admit, I wasn’t expecting the girls’ poketen to be housing the last piece of the Angel Tear. But then again, I don’t think very hard about the things that go on in this series…

I’m not sure if Haruka and Aoi’s “slap-you-out-of-depression” moment can be considered character development; but, as I’ve said before, the most character development goes to Tesla and Nine. And also Saijou-sensei. They just seem so much more interesting than the “main characters” of the series; which is… kind of sad. Aoi, Kurumi, and Haruka aren’t terrible characters—they just seem kind of bland. They fall too heavily into magical girl type personality traits, which I think is why I’m so fond of all the minor characters (save Yayoi). This episode also made me like Black Trader a lot, which is odd for me as I usually don’t like villain types. He’s just so amusing to watch!

Ramblings aside, this is definitely one of the better episodes. I think the animation quality may also be a bit higher in this episode than in past episodes. It was a bit hard to tell as the video I watched was pretty bad quality. I believe the next episode may actually be the last! I’m looking forward to seeing how Twin Angel wraps this all up.

Out of five:


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