Hanasaku Iroha Episode 25

Because this is near the end of the series, there are obviously SPOILERS.



After Ohana finishes helping Yuina with the Bonbori preparations, Yuina hands over a bunch of wishing plaques to give to the other members of the Kussuiso, and asks what Ohana wants to wish for. Ohana confesses that she doesn’t really know, and returns back to the inn. Once there, it seems that the inn workers are still actively fighting against Sui, and have taken in more reservations than they can normally handle. Even so, Sui lets them do what they want; but only if they can serve the customers the usual way on the day of the festival. Because of the large flux of customers, the Kussuiso is forced to cut some corners to be able to serve all of them; such as serving all the customers in a buffet instead of one by one.

Ohana looks so hurt in this cap, it actually makes me a bit teary...
I'm glad Sui got more depth than just being "that mean grandma character." This scene made me "aww c:"

Although things seem to be going well (s0 far), Ohana feels that this isn’t right. However, the inn workers misinterpret her feelings as her siding with Sui, and they all act coldly towards her. One day, Ohana reveals what Sui told her to Nako, who seems to understand. The day right before the festival, Tomoe sprains her ankle. Everyone at the inn is predictably over-worked, and so many arguments also break out.

Just so you know, the first line is said by Ren; the second by Tomoe. That makes this scene so much funnier.

Ohana finally speaks her mind about the changes, and Tohru starts yelling at her; until Nako puts a stop to it, by saying:


After this, the inn workers slowly realize that they’ve been busy trying to “fight” Sui instead of putting the customers’ best interest in mind. Sui, having seen that they’ve realized this, says that she will take Tomoe’s place in serving the customers on Bonbori day. Ohana’s mom unexpectedly drops by and also pitches in. Although taking care of the many customers on festival day is hard work, it all seems to pay off in the end, as all the members of the Kussuiso go out to the Bonbori festival that night.

Seems like Jiroumaru has found his own place within the Kussuiso, aww. c:
I kind of wish we could have seen the actual shrine instead of a shot of it from afar, but oh well...

My Opinion:

This certainly was a busy episode! As expected, the inn workers turned against Ohana… but only for a little while. There’s not too much “conflict” in a series like this, but I don’t mind. As this is such a calming series, I wouldn’t want there to be any conflict that’s too big; it would take away from the charm of the characters. A major development in Nako’s character in this episode, hooray!

The animation was quite nice this episode too! We don’t get to see much of the Bonbori festival itself, but everything else seemed to be nicely animated—even the scenes with many people in it. Story-wise, I suppose this is one of the more plot-heavy episodes, because a lot of things get resolved. I wasn’t expecting to see Ohana’s mom again, but… There you go! Sadly, Ko is once again relegated to a “mentioned character.” I guess he’s only allowed to actually get lines (or actual screentime) in certain episodes, huh?

Even though this episode was pretty important in the overall plot of the series, there are still a few questions that need to be answered. I’m pretty sure that the inn will still continue running, but who’s going to be the successor? It could be Enishi, or it could even be Ohana. And speaking of Ohana, will she finally have the courage to confess her love to Ko? (The previews for the next ep spoil that one actually.) Also, what will happen to Sui? Well, the next episode is the finale, so I guess I’ll see what happens then.

Out of five:



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