Nekogami Yaoyorozu Episode 11

SPOILERS! MAJOR SPOILERS! (though you should know this already as this is one of the last two episodes)

Meet Haruka, the antique shop's ONLY customer.


Haruka stops by to “get some luck” by giving a 500 yen coin to Mayu (because she’s a god technically). Mayu decides to use her new “funds” to go to the candy store, with Amane tagging along. On the way there, it’s shown that Mayu is really popular with the kids and neighborhood folk. After the two finally get to the store and are eating snacks, a demon rat suddenly shows up. Mayu (with the help of the local cats) and Amane quickly solve the problem. Afterwards, Amane decides to go back to the Kingdom of the Gods by herself, in order to try to atone for abandoning her post. While Mayu is happy for Amane, this means she has to go meet with Lord Tsukuyomi… all by herself.

...does this cap even need a caption?
Oh hey there plot!
Mayu knows how to bring all the cats to the yard.

Meanwhile! Meiko and Sasana have been called to have an audience with Mayu’s mother. Mayu’s mother asks the two girls what Mayu has done in order to receive a certain “item” from the sun god, Amaterasu. When the two girls actually see the item, they are left speechless in shock.

Oooooh, snap!

Around this time, Mayu finally decides to go back to Takamagahara (aka the kingdom of the gods) and attempts to avoid her parents while making her way towards Lord Tsukuyomi’s place. However, she meets with Kuroe (her home’s garden guard) and gets tricked by him (her?) and so ends up… back home. Back at Yuzu’s place, Sasana and Meiko burst in, telling Yuzu (and Gonta, who had been trying to entertain Yuzu) about some urgent news. Apparently, Mayu’s getting married to Lord Tsukuyomi?!

So this is what the "Kingdom of the Gods" looks like.
If you've ever wondered what Xelloss (from Slayers) looks like as a cat-boy...
To be fair, I'd totally be scared of Mayu's mom too...

My Opinion:

Just when I thought the plot was veering in the direction of, “oh noes, Mayu must stop evil rat demons from taking over the world or something,” BAM! MARRIAGE PROPOSAL TO THE LORD OF THE MOON! (Also Lord Tsukuyomi was single?!) Well… I have to give credit where it’s due, and I certainly wasn’t expecting THIS.

Concerning the rest of the episode, I thought it was very good! Definitely one of the better-paced, more interesting episodes in this series. The first half dealt with the last bit of Amane’s arc (if it can even be called that…) while the second half unleashes the PLOT TWIST mentioned above. Although there wasn’t an abundance of gags like usual, there’s still plenty of comedy to be had (Sasana’s and Meiko’s subtle name-shaming comes to mind). Because this is one of the more “action”-packed episodes, I doubt that anyone would be truly bored by it.

I also really like that we got to see more of Mayu’s and Yuzu’s neighborhood! I kind of wish we could have seen it sooner, and could have seen more shenanigans with Mayu and the kids; as that whole scene was adorable. I really wished we could have seen the full extent of Mayu’s abilities/powers sooner too. The main reason I like watching shows featuring gods/mystical creatures on earth is to see how they use their abilities in “normal” life! But I guess a gag series is fine too…

Anyway, out of five:


Gotta love Gonta's facial expressions.

One thought on “Nekogami Yaoyorozu Episode 11

  1. Anonomyous September 25, 2011 / 5:16 pm

    Mayu’s really like some laidback surfer dude with a independent streak

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