This is the last episode of the series so there are obviously MAJOR SPOILERS.

Heinojou is the best butler.


Continuing on from last episode, Black Trader explains to Haruka and Aoi that the Seven Amulets didn’t have the power to destroy the world, they were only the key… The key to summoning Gustav who would then destroy the world. Trader then retreats to the rooftops, after summoning one last mecha to deal with the girls. Meanwhile, Saijou finally finds out Trader’s real plans, and discovers that he’s set Gustav’s death lasers to destroy all government places in the world. Back with Haruka and Aoi, the two attempt to take down the mecha with improvised weapons and their own fighting ability but to no avail; the robot is simply too strong for them. Just when things look grim, Misty Knight suddenly appears to save the day! Along with him is Kurumi, whom he also “rescued” earlier.

Yeeaaah I guess he never really told Saijou his real plans did he...

Sadly, this does not last long.

Suddenly, the seven amulets resonate and repair the girls’ poketen with the power of duex ex machina and the girls transform back into their Twin Angel selves. And so, the Angel girls go to stop Trader, while Misty Knight faces off with one of Trader’s mooks and Saijou goes to release Tesla and Nine from their bonds. There is a short rooftop battle (where Black Trader is suddenly sporting EYE LASERS okay then) but the girls quickly over-power Trader. However, he reveals that everything has been set into motion already, so nothing they do to him would have any affect.

*insert extended magical girl transformation sequence here*

Misty Knight survived the explosion with some... minor injuries...

If he had eye lasers... why didn't he bother to use them before?!

Around this time, it’s shown that Salome and Alexander are busy blowing up the building (yeah go ahead and blow up the building with people STILL IN IT) but get sent back to the South Pole due to Alexander’s dumb-ass-ness. However, they do manage to get their revenge on Trader as he gets a Disney Death (aka he falls off the building amidst several explosions) thanks to their “help.”

Even in the last episode they are reduced to being the comic relief...

Even though Black Trader has been dealt with, the girls now face a new problem: how to stop Gustav from being summoned. The only way to do that is to destroy the satellite in space; so the girls resolve to go destroy the satellite… IN SPACE. As can be expected of a series such as this one, the girls successfully do so.


Black Trader may be evil in the end, but I still hold onto the hope that he at least somewhat loved Tesla and Nine...

... :c

Afterwards, things are shown to have gone back to normal. Unfortunately, Kurumi now has to go back to Italy, and Tesla and Nine decide to go traveling. Even so, it’s all’s well that ends well.

My Opinion:

Welp, this was certainly… an interesting episode…

While I didn’t accurately predict every single detail of what happened, I did guess correctly on some of the more general things. As I said two reviews ago, I doubt that Misty Knight would have been killed off for real, and I was right! Come on, a series like this is far too nice to go around killing off characters (hell, even Black Trader might not actually be dead, *cough*). Also, as I expected, the girls resolved the ultimate showdown (with Gustav) in typical magical girl fashion: with the power of love friendship faith!

This wasn’t a really bad episode, but it wasn’t what I’d call “good” either. Sure, it was “big” enough for a final episode, but it felt far too rushed. It seemed like the writers were trying to cram in as much story as possible. I mean; the episode even starts off with Black Trader becoming The Exposition! I’m mostly disappointed by the Trader vs. Angels fight, however. It felt way too brief and he didn’t even get to die (or rather, possibly not die) a dignified villain death! Also, his reason for wanting to destroy the world was never actually explained! Come on, at least give him an actual reason! And no, going “he wants to destroy the world to become a god/conquer the whole world!” is not a good enough reason. But then again, perhaps I am asking for far too much character development out of a series like this…

This series tried to go out with a bang, but it felt to me kind of more like a fizzle. It’s not a BAD ending (I’ve seen far worse), but it doesn’t make for a very interesting one because it’s so clichéd. But I suppose that that in itself is fitting for the Twin Angel series…

Final Thoughts:

Okay, as much as I rag on this series, I did somewhat enjoy it at points (hell, I finished reviewing the entire series, did I not?). Of course, my personal enjoyment does not make this a “good” series by any means. Depending on your tastes (and tolerance of mahou shojo), this series is either mediocre or just plain terrible. In the realm of general anime, it’s pretty bad. And in the realm of mahout shojo, it’s… still pretty bad. How much you enjoy the series is heavily reliant on your personal opinion.

I think the series should have stayed a gag series, personally. The later episodes (with all the drama) were some of the better ones (imo), but I think by then it’s a little too late. The early part of the series seemed more like parody than anything, but the later episodes seem to show that they were playing magical girl clichés completely straight. Even now, I don’t know what the producers were going for when they made Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise but… I guess it was a fun ride?

All in all, a silly and somewhat entertaining series; albeit with not much substance and very generic. The character designs aren’t too bad (maybe a bit cutesy for some, though); and the characters themselves aren’t too annoying to watch. If you watch this series at all, don’t expect it to be too engaging or to bring anything new to the magical girl genre. (Puella Magica, this is not) Although I can’t really recommend this series to anyone (and it’s more of a guilty pleasure than anything), it’s still a decent watch if you want something fun and mindless.

For this episode, out of five:

    and 1/2

For the series as a whole:



Looking back on the whole series now, I think Black Trader may have been the best character; haters gonna hate.