Final episode so there are SPOILERS. I think I’ll take a break the rest of this week and next week (as I’m still settling into my classes). Worry not, though; I’ll be back to do first impressions!



Meiko, Sasana, and (a somewhat unwilling) Gonta infiltrate Mayu’s home in order to rescue her from her arranged marriage meeting. Once they find her though (all dressed up for the meeting), they are found out by Kuroe; after which Mayu’s mother uses her powers in order to teleport the three somewhere else.

Mayu with long hair... wait, what?!

Back at Yuzu’s place, Yoshino has been tasked with “guarding the home front.” Haruka stops by to drop off a supposedly haunted plate that she wants Mayu to take a look at, which causes Yuzu to reminisce about her time with Mayu.

Hello character that only appeared in one episode previously!

Back at Mayu’s home (in heaven), she finally meets up with Lord Tsukuyomi to discuss marriage plans. Around this time, Meiko, Sasana, and Gonta finally get back to Mayu’s place. Although they are momentarily slowed by Mayu’s mother’s guards, they are helped by Amane (who just… kinda appears out of nowhere okay then). The three quickly make their way to where Mayu and Lord Tsukuyomi are standing (on a bridge). Meiko and Sasana attempt to appeal to Tsukuyomi to let Mayu come back home (to earth), but Tsukuyomi refuses to just let her go so easily.

Just so you know, that's the earth in the background.

"I-it's not like I w-wanted to help you guys or anything! Hmph!" Sadly, I'm not straying too far from the original line here...

Thus, it seems like a huge fight is about to ensue, with Lord Tsukuyomi vastly over-powering Mayu’s friends. However, he quickly lifts his spell, brushing it off as simply “an emergency test.” Thus, he lets Mayu return home, though he still expects an answer as to whether Mayu will take him as her husband.

Lord Tsukuyomi, isn't that kind of cheating?

Back on earth, Yuzu is sulking about, when Mayu (literally) falls from the skies. Although Yuzu acts a bit coldly towards Mayu at first (because she was so worried but Mayu acts so calmly), the two eventually make up and there is a large hot-pot party to end the long day.

This scene is way more touching in context...

My Opinion:

This episode was somewhat… underwhelming as a final episode, because to me, it just seemed like an episode. It wasn’t particularly special and some parts seemed extremely melodramatic (although having all the characters show up in the final scene was a nice touch). There wasn’t enough comedy in it for my liking, though I guess with the plot as it was, comedy would be pretty hard to add in. Maybe the series started taking itself a bit too seriously as this episode was so extremely bland to me that I’ve already run out of things to say…

Seeing Mayu with long hair was pretty neat. Unfortunately, she’s still the same height, making the prospect of Lord Tsukuyomi wanting to marry Mayu so much just a little bit creepy. Also, Princess Kukuri is his sister (apparently) so why does she have cat-ears and he doesn’t?! (Half-siblings perhaps?) Okay, since I’m just rambling at this point, I should stop now…

Final Thoughts:

I… I don’t really know what to say about Nekogami Yaoyorozu. I’m quite fond of it, but I’m not going to lie—it just doesn’t have much substance. Even for a gag series, it sometimes takes itself a bit too seriously to appeal to fans of the genre. The gags aren’t extremely funny either, though I guess it’s passable. Looking back, I think there may have been a too many flashbacks. I loved them then, and they weren’t overly melodramatic, but with the flashbacks comprising a third of the series, that only leaves you with about eight episodes left to work with. I think the series would have done better if they focused more on the “slice-of-life—WITH GODS!” part of the series more than flashbacks. I was really sad that we didn’t get to actually see them do some of the things in the OP…

The best thing by far about Nekogami Yaoyorozu was the characters. They were all pretty unique (which is a hard thing to accomplish in anime nowadays) and were extremely fun to watch. Some of the characters got way more screen time than others (Yoshino…) which does make me sad. Unfortunately, I don’t think Nekogami is popular enough to get a second season, so we’ll never get to see any episodes focusing on Meiko or Sasana, aww…

Overall, I wouldn’t call Nekogami Yaoyorozu a BAD series. But at the same time, it’s definitely not a masterpiece (nor is it extremely good even in the realm of gag series). I guess you could call it “so average its average.” But I suppose that if you have the time, it’s a fun, somewhat mindless thing to watch while taking a break from the more serious anime. The animation isn’t *amazing* but it’s very slick due to the simplified style. Plus, the characters are well-characterized, so there’s that too. It’s a gag series for those who prefer a little more substance with their gags.

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

    and 1/2

Out of five for the whole series:


Mayu: "No!"