A First Impression: Kimi to Boku (You and Me)

"Hey check out all the CG sakura petals, trippy"

Kaname, Jun and twins Yuki and Yuta are friends since childhood – apparently, although they could easily fool people with how passive aggressive they are to each other. (Well, the twins and Kaname at any rate). They go through the motions of their high school lives, having conversations about nothing and reminiscing on silly moments from their shared childhoods. They also try their hardest to get the apathetic Yuki to join finally join a school club, which turns out to be harder than it seems as no club fits at first.
Also they’re all boys.


I really love the idea of Kimi to Boku. I never even realized how much a male version of ‘cute girls doing nothing’ show was needed in my life until I started to see all those genderbent K-On fanarts (or as it is affectionately known as, Gay-On.) And Kimi to Boku is, literally, exactly that, as you can probably tell from the synopsis. This is the classic ‘girls that do nothing’ show with boys instead. Does it work, though?
Looking around, this seems to be the most polarizing show of the current season. (…out of what I’ve seen and read about any rate which of course isn’t much).Opinions are ranging from ‘boring drivel’ to ‘pleasant’ to ‘adorable’ to ‘who do they think they’re fooling repackaging the same tripe by switching the genders’ and of course the usual ‘the manga did it better’. Kimi to Boku is clearly a giant cup of rather bland, vaguely sweet tea, which may or may not be to everyone’s taste. I haven’t read the manga, but I actually enjoyed this. Sure, it’s not riveting. This show is, literally, about nothing; the boys aren’t even in a shared club like in most of the female versions of this. But it’s charming and gentle, and, at this point, the characters personalities play off each other’s rather well. I think it may have been more easily digestible in smaller chunks, because this episode really does drag, a LOT, and there isnt a whole load of payoff unless you really like the idea of a group of boys being all moe together. I think the overall look of the show is pleasant and fits the mood, but as others have pointed out, the production quality is not very high. I know there isn’t exactly much action or anything so it’s not really needed, but there are times where things do look very lazy. There’s a shot where the boys are talking, but they’re off-screen so you can only seeĀ  Shun’s reactions to what they’re saying. It’s cheap but it’s not necessarily bad, since it’s more interesting than just watching their mouths move, and Shun is cute as hell. However, one of the twins is behind him fixing his hair in possibly the most laziest looped animation ever and the length of the scene really made that stand out in a bad way.
An interesting point in the show is that to break up some of the more monotonous stretches, it’s frequently punctuated by shots of cats (one in particular), doing cat things. The cat also appears in the opening. It’s a pity this first episode wasnt -quite- as good as I’d been hoping but if this really does get better…we will literally have CUTE BOYS AND CATS THE ANIME and there is absolutely no way I can not love the hell out of that.
With slice of life anime though I’m always hesitant to judge them based on the first episode because those are usually often always the weakest; as someone who finds Lucky Star at least mildly entertaining, I hated its first episode, and in my opinion it was more boring than this first episode. I wouldn’t mind blogging the second episode if it turns out to be an improvement. I’m keeping an eye on this one for the potential it has.
Plus the whole flashback part with the sleepover was freaking adorable I don’t care what anyone else says.


Out of 5,

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