A First Impression: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) Episode 1

This little girl/thing is so adorable ubububu

Yukiteru Amano is not a terribly social person, and generally avoids his classmates or any actual human contact. Instead, he keeps himself occupied with a very specific diary he writes on his cellphone, chronicling every tiny detail of his not-particularly-interesting days. He also amuses himself with the characters he created in his imagination, often meeting with them in his head.
However, he soon finds out that these ‘characters’ – such as Deux ex Machina, the god of space and time, is in fact real, and has decided to involve him in a ‘game’ by turning his ordinary diary into a ‘future diary’. While at first he finds the new diary that tells him the days events before they happen to be awesome, the sinister side of the plan is soon revealed. As a Future-diary holder he is now involved in a Battle Royale with a number of others, and Yuno, his future-diary toting classmate, seems to like him very much. So very, very much…

The CG on DeM looked kind of tacky to be honest...but CG in anime often always does.

Asread have….not completely failed with something?
Mirai Nikki is something I’ve been pretty interested in but never actually got around to reading, so I was vaguely looking forward to the anime adaptation except finding out Asread was in charge kind of killed my enthusiasm. Asread are, after all, one of the few anime studios capable of making Studio Deen look good. However, Mirai Nikki was a huge surprise and it looks like Asread have come a long way since screwing up Minami-ke’s despised second season. There’s some slight animation hiccups but overall I thought things looked genuinely nice – and there’s real attention to colour and mood and creating the right atmosphere. The music, too, is really effective, and this is the first premier this season I’ve watched that actually really drew me into its world. Since this is Asread though there’s a good chance the budget will go down the drain after the third episode or so, but with luck it’ll manage to hold up.
Plot-wise, it’s pretty interesting, and reveals just enough and just not enough to keep things surreal and intriguing. As someone who hasn’t read the manga and knows pretty much nothing about it (except for ‘yanderee’), I’m looking forward to the rest of this and hoping I’m in for a lot of suspense.
Plus I really do like the character designs…which makes me ridiculously happy considering everything I reviewed before this. From what we can vaguely see of the other future diary holders they seem pretty interesting as well.
I was getting some vague Deadman Wonderland-esque vibes from this; Yukiteru’s voice even sounds similar to Ganta’s (although it isn’t the same seiyuu) and it’s already proved that it’s going to be a pretty violent ride. If it starts to get too torture-porny for my tastes I might lose interest, though, like what happened with Deadman Wonderland.
Depending on my schedule I may or may not blog this; we’ll see how things go.

dat yandere face

Out of 5,

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