A First Impression: Un-Go

I wonder if we'll see her again...

One of the latest entries in the coveted noitaminA timeslot is apparently ‘based’ on a novel, but featuring original stories that star the title characters. These characters are the detective Shinjurou Yuuki and his slightly psychotic shota partner Inga, and the cases they solve. However, “helping” them is the so-called ‘Media King Kaishou’, who takes credit for the cases despite the fact that Shinjurou is the one that figures things out – something the public doesn’t know. As for Inga, he assists in a more supernatural way.
In this first taste of the series to come the two head to a ball held by a tycoon accused of embezzling funds – who wants to use the ball to prove his innocence. However, he is killed at the event and the duo – or ‘trio’ if you will (or ‘quartet’ if you will again considering Inga) have to solve the murder.

Not that he really has all that much competition, but Inga could be my favourite character of this season.

There were quite a few things that were making me really, really excited about Un-Go, and the lack of anything particularly wowing me this season was making me anticipate it even more. (Tiger & Bunny just left the biggest hole, you know?) For one, noitaminA is usually a guarantee, as is Bones, and also it’s about detectives and aren’t the character designs (particularly Ringa) just awesome etc etc. There’s a slight problem though. I really, really love detective stories; I’m really not good at puzzles or deductive thinking myself, but seeing someone else do it and having things all come together is something I really like (and is why I love the Phoenix Wright games so much). Thing is, it’s the deductive reasoning part that I like. Un-Go throws in a supernatural element that takes most of the hard part out and simplifies everything. There’s nothing wrong with supernatural detective work – after all, Phoenix Wright has this, and some of the cases in the early chapters of Majn Tantei Nougami Neuro are quite fun. But this just weakened the whole case – which was already pretty weak to begin with. The supernatural element is on behalf of Inga, who, although I can’t really say for sure yet, seems to be able to transform into, or at least trade places with, a busty woman who can make people answer one question honestly. There didn’t really seem to be much in the way of deduction, just a lot of guess-work and incredibly annoyingly helpful coincidences and sudden relevant backstory. It was just really badly written in my opinion.
However, first cases in detective shows often aren’t that strong so I’m hoping the series picks up because I think it has a lot of potential. The leads seem pretty interesting, Inga’s adorable and I do want to find out more about whatever his power is (and why he was so desperate to use it, my guess is maybe he gets some kind of nourishment from mysteries like Neuro), plus the music is pretty great. The setting isnt explained very much in this episode but it does mention an unspecified war and its aftermath, which could also be interesting. Plus, Miku appears at the ball. Or maybe it’s a Miku cosplayer, but either way. I’m going to blog this along with Mirai Nikki, although I’ll have to drop one if it becomes too difficult to do both.

So is this Inga, or...?

Out of 5,

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