Chibi Devi! Episode 2

Wow, I guess I’m still reviewing this. This is a nice way to make silly little posts and unwind (and fill up my sarcasm meter for the day), so I’ll just do this whenever I have the time. It’s too fun to make fun of this series…

What the crap is that thing, a raisin???

Summary: (not being entirely serious when I write this, just saying)

This episode just skips forward to the end of the day (after last episode) where Honoka is now at home. She decides to call up her friend Kyou to ask him what to do with Mao. Meanwhile, some people (and their pet raisin apparently) in some kind of otherworld muse about leaving their devil baby in the hands of girl who cries nearly every minute of screentime.

Shortly after, Kyou comes over to Honoka’s, and also brings a classmate named Shin with him. Kyou’s gimmick is to be “the ditz” (as close as I can guess) and Shin’s gimmick is to be “the guy who rages about absolutely everything”. Honoka is scared of Shin because he’s always so mad, and I guess it’s supposed to be funny whenever he yells at her and she starts crying.

Because seeing a little girl cry is the funniest thing apparently. That's why they used this gag FIVE TIMES

After Shin gets all pissy about Honoka “ditching school” and not offering a better explanation for the baby appearing out of the sky; Mao decides to flambe him because he’s had enough of his bullshit gimmick. This settles down Shin just enough for the trio to actually examine the baby and; oh hey he has ear-wings and a devil tail! Before they can examine the baby closer, Kyou decides to ditch Honoka for ANIME and rushes off (no, I’m serious). Honoka and Shin decide to rush after him because they needed him for… for SOMETHING I guess and whoops, the baby’s escaped and is crawling around on the streets!

My Opinion:

Do I really even need to do a proper review of this? Oh, I do? Alright then…

Since each episode is so short (and unlike Hetalia, there’s not much I can talk about); I’ll just get to the point quickly. This episode was just as bad as the first. Maybe even worse since it only really served to introduce Kyou and Shin; and Shin is THE MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER EVER. A character yelling or being mad all the time doesn’t make it funny, it’s just obnoxious! I guess I’ll let it slide a little since this is a gag series (and not even a good one at that) but it’s still pretty damn obnoxious. I’m sure he’ll be Honoka’s love interest later on based on what happened this episode which is just… sad. Sad; though not unexpected for a “shojo” series such as this. (Because apparently, verbal abuse means love!)

Animation quality is about the same, but the plot and jokes just seem to get dumber and more terrible. There weren’t even any real gags this time around, just three minutes straight of Shin yelling and Honoka… crying. Yeah, comedy gold right there folks. Also, I forgot to mention this before, but the OP song for this series is the most ear-grating thing, gaaaaah.

Out of five:

  and 1/2

Yes, it's that thing you're in right now!

3 thoughts on “Chibi Devi! Episode 2

  1. nono November 6, 2011 / 1:51 pm


    where can I find episode 5 for chipi devi



    • Ariana November 6, 2011 / 7:59 pm

      Doesn’t this series usually air Sunday/Mondays in Japan? If so, just wait a bit. It usually takes a day for subs to come out; so try checking around on Monday night/Tuesday.

      As far as I know, there’s only been four episodes so far.

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