Mirai Nikki Episode 2

dat hair

The ‘game’ has officially began and certain contestants, such as Minene Uryuu – the 9th – are keen to wipe out Yukiteru as early as they can -no matter the cost. Even if the cost is the lives of all his classmates.

What Minene doesn’t count on is the depth of Yuno’s devotion – which Yukiteru has no choice but to accept for his own safety – and how she is willing to protect him, no matter the cost. And again, even if the cost is the lives of all his classmates…

well that.....that was sudden.
man I just know this show is going to have so many qualityamazing facial expressions.
wow I was right.
When I started Mirai Nikki for some reason I thought that the fights the diary holders would go through would be mostly unseen and secret from society at large – with only the occasional unfortunate bystander (such as the street killer, the 3rd). This episode blew that theory completely out of the window, with Minene holding Yukiteru’s entire school hostage, and the tremendous consequences. (A SWAT team even gets involved.) This makes the world of Mirai Nikki so much more engaging and broad, and because I never expected it, it hit very hard – particularly the scenes where Yukiteru’s classmates are mercilessly killed by both Minene and Yuno.  Like the first episode, there’s a very strong mood of desperation and suspense which works very well with the music and the way the episode was directed – I didn’t feel bored once.
Besides Minene- who will clearly be back again some other time – we also meet a new character who I’m not sure what to make of. Appearance-wise Keigo seems trust-worthy, volunteering to team up with Yuno and Yukiteru, and Yukiteru definitely seems to think so. …But did he just forget that the guy pointed a gun at him merely moments before? I’m not quite sure I trust him at this point, and Yukiteru definitely may be doing so a little too quickly, but his ‘investigation diary’ seems interesting and I’d like to see how he helps out (or betrays) regardless.
As for Yuno, she’s just delightfully yandere and I can not wait for more of the inevitable quality faces that will crop up. It’s a pretty nifty (if highly disturbing) plot point that her stalker diary and Yukiteru’s future diary make such a good combination.
I also still love the adorable segments after the credits with Muru Muru (Murmur?) – although I expected this one to be about her first meeting with Minene (perhaps that will only happen when Minene is defeated?). These parts have such a cute and bouncy mood it’s actually pretty jarring after the contents of the episode, but I guess they kind of act like a palette cleanser of sorts.

Man this was so out of nowhere and mood-whiplash I nearly spat out my drink.
reaction faces: the anime
So does...anyone care that she just let all the classmates die? Anyone? No? Ok.

Out of 5,

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