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Shinjurou and Inga’s next case sees them in the midst of some very strange circumstances involving super-advanced virtual idols, a now-illegal (real) idol group, a girl who wishes to sing and the puzzling murder of her mother. Just how do these things all fit together? What kind of conspiracy lies beneath the surface?

Nothing much to say here.

Am I the only one who thinks Shinjurou looks like a Persona character?

pft I love how Inga just looks all 'wat'

Well I sure am glad I stuck with my gut feeling that Un-Go would get better, because episode two was way, way ahead of episode 1. First of all, the case is somewhat interesting and actually had me wanting to know what was going on, but mostly the bumps and kinks in the writing are slowly being ironed on. There’s still some problems here and there, but this story was much better written than the first episode, and the arrival at the conclusion didn’t feel as anticlimactic. In fact, the way it ties into the huge conspiracy makes this a pretty decent stand-alone story. It really does raise a lot of interesting points about the ‘manufactured’ nature of idol groups, whilst also sticking in the second Vocaloid reference in the series so far. (I can’t help but wonder if there will be more). And as high-tech as these virtual idol concert summoning devices are, one really cant help but entertain the thought that, what with all the recent MikuMikuDancexKinect stuff and augmented reality that this really isn’t all that far off.
There’s  some pretty good scenes – I especially liked the climatic point when the certain ‘illegal’ software gets uploaded online and everyone rushes to download it, thus all learning the truth behind the idol group.
This episode also showed Inga transforming into Bustyboobson (I honesty don’t even remember if she had a name), so that settles that, although it’s still not giving us any hints as to what the deal with this is. There are however plenty of hints that for all his cute appearance, Inga is far from from Shinjurou’s ‘underling’ (or ‘partner on equal ground’ even) and in fact it seems that Inga may be the one in control of him. (He is unable to stop him once he starts getting ‘hungry’.)
As for the down parts…Shinjurou really isn’t all that interesting, and whatever personality he may have is completely overshadowed by Inga. I’m hoping this gets worked on. Also, for all the improvements in the writing there’s still some puzzling moments – unless I missed something, it looked as though the culprit just got away with everything even after being found out, and as before some things were a little too convenient. But hopefully this episode is a sign that the series will continue to improve.


Guess I'll be using the requisite Inga psycho face for each episode.

legit thought she had no pants on.

Out of 5,