Mirai Nikki Episode 3

Seems there's a lot more to Minene than the previous episode let on...

So I was sleep-deprived when I did the episode 2 review and referred to Yuno as Yuna and Yukiteru as Yukitaka, and once as Kiyoteru, and didn’t even notice until now and anyone reading this blog must be like ‘wow who is this moron’ way to go there self anyway.
Keigo introduces himself formally to Yukiteru and Yuno, declaring that his goal in this game is to make sure no one else gets killed and to try to keep people safe. …good luck there buddy.
He also decides that they need to apprehend Minene as soon as possible and thus need to lure her out – which Yukiteru and Yuno do by spending the day together at a park in which wacky date hijinks ahoy! This plan doesn’t really do much though, because Minene is preoccupied having cryptic flashbacks and being fooled by one of the other players, a fellow who keeps his head hidden for some reason or other.
Just when Yukiteru has decided that maybe he can forget that Yuno is a psycho stalker yandere and maybe she’s actually quite cute and not so bad after all, he gets a wakeup call. Which – apparently – changes the whole future of the game, not only for him and Yuno, but every other player as well.

Somehow it's even more unsettling seeing Yuno act like this.
...why doesn't she always have her hair like this? It looked so stupid in episode 2.

It’s actually quite difficult to make predictions with this show – I did predict seeing more of Minene, but it looks like she could be out of the game already. We’re really not being given much about the player introduced here other than the fact that he’s very sneaky and doesn’t show his face, but I’m really interested to know exactly what his Diary is. Minene herself is more interesting than she was in the last episode (because she was -ridiculously- over the top), and her scenes certainly made me more curious about her.
Most of the episode deals with Yukiteru and Yuno’s ‘date’, which is played in typical anime romcom fashion, dumb fanservice and all, and is all pretty stupid, but it actually works really well in establishing the massive mood whiplash that follows.
The atmosphere in Yuno’s house was nicely creepy, but I have to say that it was unintentionally hilarious when they used the same freaking sound effect from the Dramatic Prairie Dog clip for dramatic effect, and I really don’t know how many people were able to take that seriously. That aside, it managed to be creepy enough without actually showing anything – whatever it is that Yukiteru saw in that room that has thus changed the entire game we apparently aren’t allowed to know just yet.
Murmur’s segment wasnt on this episode (unless the sub cut it off or something) which lets the yandere cliffhanger…cliff hang a bit more, so I really cant wait to find out. I know I could just read the manga…but, and it shocks me to say this, flipping through the manga I actually prefer the way a lot of things look in the anime.
I just said that about an Asread anime.

oh maybe Yuno's quiet sweet after all
kay scratch that

Out of 5,

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