This week’s (well, last week’s, since I take so long to do these reviews) mystery is the mysterious death of the mysterious Kazamori, ‘son’ of the mysterious Komamori from a mysterious family who also died mysteriously (actually he blew himself up, but hey.OR DID HE?) Both are so mysterious they cover their heads at all times.
Kazamori had suddenly burst into flames with not many clues left as to the cause. The rest of the family insists it was suicide, while the daughter insists it’s murder.
Meanwhile Shijuro and Inga roam around the ruins of Tokyo and apparently Shinjuro’s a jerk?

I like her hat c:

I had to laugh that Inga found a manga called 'Two Piece'. I guess if they're not referencing Vocaloid they've still gotta reference something.

This was...strangely mesmerizing...

Un-Go has two major flaws and both are in this episode. Even with an interesting mystery – and I’ll admit, this one seemed pretty dull at first but got more interesting as the episode went on – the writing just doesn’t seem strong enough. It’s hard to say exactly what needs to be changed, but there’s just something stopping me from getting ‘involved’ in these cases, or ‘drawn in’ to the show like I am with Mirai Nikki.
The other glaring issue is that it’s clear to all that Inga is literally the only character who is even vaguely interesting. I said in the last episode that Shinjuro didn’t seem to have a personality…in this one, he suddenly gets one out of nowhere, and surprise surprise! He’s a dickhead! (wait, what?) Seriously, he lobs a rock, all smiles, at a dog’s head for no adequately explained reason, and it yelps painfully and runs.  As animal cruelty really doesn’t sit well with me, I flinched at this (did they really have to make it look so painful!?). More questionable is the fact that he actually seemed to be aiming at the girl from the first episode. Who did nothing except request his assistance. Wtf? I’m still scratching my head and trying to decide what the point – if any, of that little part was, because all it did was make Shinjuro look like a total dickface and not someone I want to be sympathising with. Meanwhile Inga is clearly a psychopath and is probably going to turn out to be evil or something, and -he’s- more sympathetic to me.
Dicky protagonists aside, this mystery has a somewhat interesting twist that ended in a cliffhanger, so I’ll be sticking around for that. But the most interesting parts of this episode were the Tokyo ruins, as they gave a little more cryptic evidence about exactly what happened there (terrorist attacks? War? Both?) Also Inga campering around like an idiot was a lot of fun to watch. I’m just starting to wish the rest of the show was as fun to watch as he is.

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I think I would enjoy this show more if it was 22 minutes of Inga being a derp.


It seems awfully incovenient to live like that.

Out of 5,