Yup, I’m still reviewing this series… which I guess is kind of odd seeing how I dissed Guilty Crown so much…

Does the situation of "finding a baby" really deserve *bishonen sparkles*? This series certainly thinks so!

Summary (episodes 3 and 4 merged together):

Honoka and Shin continue looking for Mao while Mao wanders the streets… somehow. Mao then gets himself stuck on a roof (long story) and starts missing Honoka.  He sees a bunch of QUALITY flowers in a tree and is reminded of her (because Honoka always wears a flower hairclip) and starts going towards the flowers.

Seriously though; look at how QUALITY those flowers are. The animators didn't even try with this series, did they? (Also it looks like Mao's tail is coming out of his head here, okay then)

Shin and Honoka see Mao just as he slips and falls off the roof. Then they just stand there IN SHOCK and do nothing (seriously); leaving the saving up to some weird dude with a mustache.

Is it even possible to have a favorite character in this series? Because this dude would be it for me...

After he saves the baby, he tells Honoka and Shin to follow him, where he will reveal Mao’s secret…

This guy is like the best character so far, despite not even having a proper name. The wiki just calls him "Principle."

Apparently he runs a “demon nursery” and tells Honoka and Shin that Mao is a demon baby (surprise surprise).  He says that demon babies are babies given only to certain people that meet the requirements or something and that it’s now Honoka’s responsibility to take care of Mao during the night (as he can take care of Mao during the day).  Honoka understandably doesn’t want to be Mao’s “mother”, so Principle agrees to find a new family within a month’s time.  During that time, Mao will have to stay with Honoka; and Honoka agrees.

So yeah; even though Honoka admits that she can't even take care of herself, she still decides to take care of Mao. I guess everyone has to start somewhere...

When she gets home (with Mao in hand and Shin beside her), she finds Kyou, who’s finally finished watching his anime.  Kyou reveals to Shin Honoka’s family circumstances (she lost her parents and now lives with her aunt who’s always at work; thanks for telling that in the FOURTH EPISODE series).  And then Kyou suggests that Shin become Mao’s “dad” because he himself is too busy watching ANIME, and the episode ends on the night of Honoka’s first day with baby Mao.

So Kyou's gimmick is that he's an otaku. At least he's relatable...

My Opinion:

Holy crap, there is a plot! It’s still pretty stupid… but it’s a PLOT!  To be honest, I could care less about everyone else, I just want to see more of Mr. Principle because he’s so ridiculous that I love him. *AHEM*, anyway…

This series… is still kind of bad, but it IS improving very slightly. (I say SLIGHTLY.) I take back what I said in the first episode review of this. This series would probably benefit more if all these five minute parts were put into a single episode.  That’s because this series moves so fast anyway that a full 20-30 minutes of this wouldn’t be so bad to watch; and it’d actually make a lot more sense because did we seriously need four episodes just to tell us that Mao is a devil baby? (And also that Honoka doesn’t have parents?) If anything, I think the “five minute episodes” thing actually makes this series out to be stupider than it already was, because everything’s so disjointed.

I have to give the series SOME credit I guess; in that Honoka and Shin are actually getting some character development… within a span of 5-10 minutes?! Shocking, I know; but it’s true. I still can’t stand Mao though. The producers are trying way too hard to make him “cute” and that’s just annoying.

Anyway, out of five for both episodes:

    and 1/2

(you can thank Principle for that extra half, series)