Mirai Nikki Episode 4

...I think Tsubaki's real cute...

Still scarred from the last episode, Yukiteru would quite like to tell the police (ie, Keigo) about what he saw in Yuno’s house, but this becomes impossible with Yuno constantly watching him. He doesn’t have much more time to think about it because they are still concerned with relocating 9th – they discover that she’s being held within a strange cult called The Sacred Eye which they pay a visit. The cult leader, Tsubaki, is a girl with poor vision who never leaves her quarters, but is also a diary owner. Unlike the others, her diary is a scroll rather than something digital, yet it still works the same way (telling the future through the ‘eyes’ of her followers) and has recently revealed a ‘Dead End’ for herself. She agrees to hand over 9th if Yukiteru can save her from said Dead End. Something Yuno – still devastated from Yukiteru fleeing her house – does not seem willing to stand.
Things turn ugly when Tsubaki’s followers all become zombie-like and try to kill her, seemingly brainwashed by the creepily ridiculous 12th who is holding 9th hostage.

I was thinking 12th's idenity was going to be kept secret but nope here he is in all his creepy glory.
9th that is officially the worst costume ever.

Have you ever thought that, As diary-holders, Yukiteru and Keigo just aren’t batshit insane enough? Minene’s getting there, and Yuno certainly is, but what do they think they’re doing looking like normal people most of the time? Enter 12th – our all-purpose psychopath and easily the most demented personality we’ve met so far. Apparently holding girls hostage and plucking out their eyeballs isnt insane enough; of course he also needs to be into spandex, sentai warrior catchphrase, autoerotic asphyxiation and dancing around grabbing his junk. So if you were sitting there all “Yeah Yuno’s crazy and all and the room of dead body’s was a nice touch but I can’t help think that this show needs more insanity”, it’s your lucky episode.
We still don’t know the exact specifics of 12th’s Diary, but he does seem to be behind the mass brainwashing/zombification.
We do find out a lot about Tsubaki and her diary though, which is really interesting and brings the question of how many others have analog diaries (or at most diaries not on a phone). Besides the ‘obvious weakness’ in the ease in which her diary can be exploited, one also has to wonder about how easy it would be to destroy the thing. I mean I’m surprised it didn’t burst into flames during the sudden fire. Tsubaki herself is really cute though whilst suitably mysterious and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how long she lasts.
For all the information and crazy and things we learn in this episdoe, though…..it didn’t get me quite as imvolved as the show usually does. I’m not really sure why. There was some pretty eye-rolling Asread quality at times (…the part where the crowd of followers runs in, in freeze-frame, for example) but it wasnt completely terrible…I just didnt feel so into it. Hopefully next week will be better in that regard. MurMur’s  post-credits segment makes a return, and this one was adorable. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing how her meeting with 12th went.

"let's just forget those dead bodies in my house and the blood on my face kay 8D"
Oh no! Tsubaki is surrounded by Quality Zombies!

Out of 5,

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