I think it’s pretty obvious that there will be tons of spoilers from here on out, so consider every new post about this series to have a SPOILER WARNING.

He's a lot nicer than I thought he would be... though that just makes him scarier...


As seen last time, Shu is detained by the GHQ, after having been outed by what he thought was a close friend.  Inori attempts to save him, but gets told not to on Gai’s orders.  Shu has been detained by a guy named Seiga; whose appearance and mannerisms are very strange.  Seiga attempts to interrogate him, showing photographic evidence that Shu had been involved with Gai; but Shu refuses to budge.  This causes Seiga to conclude that Shu probably isn’t a “normal” member of the Funeral Parlor, and so shows Shu around a hospital/prison facility of sorts.

I really like futuristic architecture. So cool...

The reason for this is so that Shu can witness just WHY his friend outed him—his friend has a brother infected with a severe disease called “apocalypse virus” and was going around as a norma gene dealer to get enough money to support said brother.  As Seiga continues talking with Shu, Shu realizes that the battle between GHQ and Funeral Parlor isn’t as black and white as he first thought.  Before he leaves Shu, Seiga gives him a transmitter to transmit coordinates to GHQ headquarters, should Shu ever meet up with Gai again.

Urgh, that looks... painful...

Meanwhile Inori just kind of sits around and mopes. But hey! This is like the most emotion we've seen out of her throughout these last four episodes.

Shortly after, Funeral Parlor initiates their plan to rescue a mass murderer named Kenji Kido.  Gai meets up with Shu (posing as a lawyer), and asks Shu to draw out Kido’s void.  However, Shu isn’t so willing to follow Gai’s orders blindly this time, after which Gai forces Shu to choose between his “normal life” and the Funeral Parlor.

I legit didn't realize this was Gai at first, whoops.

Shu is undecided, until he gets word that Inori is on a solo mission to save him.  Gai is pissed that Inori isn’t following his orders, and so there is a slight change of plans while Shu runs away.  The facility busts out their mechas and there is an all out battle.  Through some circumstances, Shu is able to draw out Kido’s void (which controls gravity) and uses it to meet up with Inori; after which he uses HER void to destroy the GHQ mecha and most of the facility.


CURSE YOU PRETTY ANIMATION! Because of that, I have to forgive you for that asspull plotpoint

After all is said and done, Shu (carrying Inori) meets up with Gai again, and agrees to join the Funeral Parlor.  However, it seems that Shu still has some reservations about it, as he keeps the transmitter that Seiga gave him…

such a good leader

My Opinion:

Yes, shit is finally getting real!  No more stupid school shenanigans; hopefully the series will focus solely on the rebellion from here on out.  (And honestly, I don’t think Shu could ever go back to his normal life now, being somewhat of a fugitive and all.)

Despite my disinterest in the last few episodes, this episode was pretty good!  I really like that the series highlighted the fact that, hey; this is a serious thing, and both groups are fighting for different reasons.  There probably is no true “good” side here; and they both also do a lot of questionable things to achieve their goals.  This makes choosing a side rather difficult (for both Shu and the viewers), but I like that things aren’t so clear-cut.  It makes the conflict much more realistic.

Shu’s choice at the end somewhat lessened the impact of this episode, not to mention that he destroyed the facility that was TAKING CARE OF ALL THOSE SICK PEOPLE.  In essence, he basically probably killed a ton of people; not to mention those GHQ members.  Shu’s choice was basically, “I can’t decide who to join—oh look, pretty girl!”  So yeah… he basically chose a third option and opted to go with Inori.  I can’t blame him though; Shu’s still young and naive to the world.  Expecting him to make a final decision on such a big thing NOW is probably an impossible task.  He goes along with Funeral Parlor for the moment, but I like that it’s shown he’s still somewhat undecided (i.e. keeping the transmitter).  If he went along fully with Gai at the end, I would have lost all my respect for him.

DUEX EX MACHINA strikes again!  That whole sequence near the end was really cool, but it still reeks of duex ex machina…  Shu shouldn’t be THAT good with sword/void usage so soon.  I’ll forgive it slightly because the animation was so lovely, though.  Overall, a pretty well-rounded episode, with good pacing and just enough drama/serious/action elements to keep it interesting.

Out of five:

      and 1/2

Series, see how much better you do without pointless fanservice? Also, is it just me or is Gai becoming more and more of a dick with each episode?