Alternate title is 'I dont think you understand how much I love cute robots'

So, Kazamori was a robot all along. This is far from the end of the matter, of course, because now a host of new questions have arisen – who was it, then, that burnt to death? Is Komamori really dead? For what purpose has he created Kazamori, anyway? As usual, the answers are tied up in the increasingly prominent conspiracy related to the ‘New Information Privacy and Protection Act’ that have been banning certain kinds of technology and media left and right. But the main issue here is a tried and true one…can robots feel, do they have souls? Do they know right from wrong…?

Well gee that picture doesnt make you look like a creeper not at all.


I would be more than ok with merchandise of this.

To be perfectly honest, I was starting to get a little tired of Un-Go and was wholy prepared to announce that I had dropped it in this review. So when I fired up episode 4 and waited for the moment that I would write as being that moment where I no longer cared….it never came. Instead, I got the best episode so far.
I am slightly biased here because I kind of really, really like stories that deal with robots and whether or not they have emotions. Chobits was, and still is, one of my favourite series to both enjoy and dissect the hell out of. I especially have a fondness for robots that are really damn cute and just want to be understood – I can not tell you how much I love Ed’s debut episode in Cowboy Bebop with the lonely satellite, for example. And my Vocaloid obsession – particularly songs like Kokoro – says quite enough on the manner.  Kazamori hits all those buttons for me, and the fact that his robotic soul spends the majority of the episode inhabiting a ridiculousy adorable panda plushie thing just makes him all that more endearing. There’s some pretty shady stuff going on here – no attempt is really made to try and hide that Komamori is some kind of paedophile who was clearly using Kazamori for some kind of lavicious purpose or other. Oh and he’s alive…a plot twist that I can’t really say I wasn’t expecting, but the reasons he staged his death are very interesting. Un-Go has pretty much dropped all subtlety with the ‘fictional’ New Information Privacy and Protection’ act, even using lines such as “detrimental to wholesome upbringing [of young people]’. If it was lost on you, it’s a very clever giant middle figure directed squarely at current mayor of Tokyo Ishihara and his youth ordinance bill. One can’t help but wonder if the man knows about this and what he thinks. But the series definitley deserves a round of applause for that.
Un-Go’s previous attempts at humour had fallen pretty flat, but this episode shows that it can be quite good at dark and “serious” humour. Izumi slapping the handcuffs on the refrigerator Kazamori was inhabiting to “arrest” him was pretty ridiculous, but the scene where Kazamori in plushie form starts trying to pleasure Shinjurou in the car, to reward him in the only way he knew how, was just so terribly, hilariously wrong. (And let’s not forget Inga’s “back off bitch only I can do that” interruption to this,  which raises even more…interesting questions. True, Inga was in the female form when “she” said this but considering he looks like a little boy at least 70% of the time you…kind of really have to wonder…..)
With all the adorably tragic robot antics and “did that really just happen” flying around, it can be hard to miss two important pieces of information about the leads. First is Inga confirming that ‘she’ feeds off human emotions – this much was obvious, and explains a little of how Inga usually acts before he transforms. The second is that Shinjuro was ‘on the battlefield’ at some point, and judging from what we know (and the opening scene of the manga which shows things slightly clearer IMO), he very likely died. (Which probably makes Inga what’s keeping him alive right now – if he is alive, maybe he sold his soul or something. And perhaps his personality too! ) Exactly what this battle was is probably going to be revealed much slower.
I think it’s safe to say that the show has finally hit its stride, so I hope it doesn’t lose it. I especially hope Kazamori stays as part of the cast (he- or maybe ‘she’ now, because of the new body, I really don’t know the specifics of robot genders – does appear in the next episode preview so here’s hoping.) I just hope they finally drop the annoying habbit of introducing the characters via onscreen text in every episode. If it’s a new character, sure, but we know who the main characters are now you know it’s the fourth episode.

whenever I see femme!Inga's outfit I can only think how uncomfortable it looks.

Chobits all up in here.

Kazamori so cute uuu

Out of 5,