Guilty Crown Episode 5

Episode 5 of Chibi Devi! still hasn’t come out yet, so all I can do is just twiddle my thumbs awkwardly and wait until it finally comes out (if it’s ever coming out that is, in which case I’m glad I still have this series to review).

What does Ayase see in him?


Now that Shu is finally “participating” in Funeral Parlor activities, Gai is pushing his team harder than ever.  Gai also forces Ayase to train Shu so that he’ll be ready for when they initiate the plan to steal the Leucocyte.  Shu ends up offending Ayase, who basically knocks him out and steals the pen/transmitter when he’s out.  She tells him (after he wakes up) that she’ll only give him back the pen if he passes the mock battle.

I wonder if we'll learn more about some of the other resistance members? They don't actually get too much spotlight because there's so many of them.

And so begins the training!  Shu’s only given a week to shape up, and he fails miserably at all the routines.  Not many resistance members seem to like him, either.  Inori’s shown to be amazingly good at guns, though she seems strangely cold towards him now.  Later on after training, Shu gets the chance to have a one-on-one talk with Inori.  Inori reveals that all the stuff she said before, and even her “solo escape mission” was all planned out and ordered by Gai.  Of course, Shu’s heart-broken; and even more so after he sees Inori going into Gai’s room for the night.  While he’s sulking, he bumps (literally) into Ayase, who actually cheers him up, despite seeming to hate his guts before.  She tells him to win the mock battle; because it’s only then that he’ll see what the Funeral Parlor is really about.  Meanwhile, it seems that Gai isn’t as healthy as he first appears…

Aaaaah, this nurse girl is adorable! Though I don't think she'll live to the end of this series...
Beautiful backgrounds the anime

The next day, Gai goes off to do… SOMETHING, while the mock battle begins.  Shu has to avoid Ayase’s enclave and make it to the shelter in order to win.  Of course, he almost fails once again, until he draws out a void from one of the audience members.  Even though he admits to cheating later, Ayase still accepts it as his victory, because that’s a unique power of his.  She then gives him back the pen/transmitter.  However, the celebrations are short-lived, as it appears that the Leucocyte, which is actually some sort of space laser, has been fired straight at Gai’s coordinates.

I know Ayase let him claim this as a victory, but what if he's on the actual battlefield and there's NO people around for him to void?

My Opinion:


This was a so-so episode.  It’s still A LOT better than the school episodes, but it did seem to drag a little bit in places.  Gai was really painted as kind of a jerk in this episode (well… more so), but it appears that there’s more to him than first meets the eye.  Also, that one fanservice moment (provided by Shu) was kind of… yeah.  It was really clichéd and just kind of facepalm worthy.  You know, I never understood why the guy is the one that gets slapped if the girl WALKS IN on him.  Sorry that guys aren’t fully clothed ALL the time!  (Also, it’s her fault for not knocking first, but I digress…)

Inori… returns to being cold an emotionless again. Great.  I have to question if she was just making all that stuff up, because she sure moped A LOT in the last episode, and I’m sure THAT wasn’t just on Gai’s orders.  Perhaps Gai doesn’t want Inori to get to close to Shu? Hmm, I wonder!  A ton of characters are introduced this time, though not all names are mentioned yet.  Because of this, we didn’t get too much character development, except on Shu’s part (I guess?).  And the animation is still about the same, though far off shots still look a bit wonky.  I don’t mind, because it could have been worse.  Story is now progressing rather smoothly, with the introduction of a deadly new weapon on GHQ’s side, so not much for me to complain about there either.  The series appears to have finally found its stride.  I’m still kept interested, so I’ll continue to review Guilty Crown unless they suddenly decide to jump the shark or something.

Out of five:


The girls of the team.

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