Did Chibi Devi really need to take a week off for this kind of quality? Oh wait, I meant “QUALITY!”

Yeah, I got nothing to say here.


Since Honoka’s still a middle-school student, she has to drop off Mao at the daycare so she can go to school. Unfortunately, Mao doesn’t take this well and so gets mad at her when she comes to pick him up. Fortunately, Shin stops by Honoka’s house to check on Mao, and he’s able to get Mao to warm up to Honoka again.  Then Mr. Director (or Principle… whatever) suddenly drops in to invite Honoka and Shin to a type of get-together so that they can get to meet other “parents.”

(Wow is this the shortest summary I’ve ever written on here. I wish I could be funnier, but I’m feeling pretty mentally drained today. Sorry!)

Where's Mr. Director? You're not Mr. Director. >:/

whoah there shin you sure got comfortable FAST

Mr. Director is my fave character, not gonna lie

My Opinion:

First off, Chibi Devi really DID take a week off.  To this I say, “seriously?”  I’m guessing that the studio that’s making this had a bigger project on hand so Chibi Devi just got put off for a week, which is understandable.  I highly doubt that this series (even being marketed to really young girls) could ever make that much money in merch and whatnot…

Okay, about this episode itself. Well… As I said before, this series would actually do a lot better if it were a full 20-25 minutes because this episode was literally about NOTHING.  This is the downside to having a “plot”-driven series that only has 5 minute episodes airing each week.  Most of the time, the minutes will be spent doing really boring and inane stuff and then in the last minute or so a plot is hastily scribbled in just so there’s a cliffhanger to bring back the audiences.  If you have such short episodes at all, be more like Digi Charat or Hetalia and be all gags! (or mostly gags) If I were watching this series seriously, I’d be annoyed at all this nonsense.  As it is, though; I’m just kind of “meh” about everything.

I suppose the animation looked a “little” higher than usual (and is it just me or does Mr. Director’s voice sound deeper?).  There’s not much else to talk about this boring episode so–

Out of five:

If merch ever comes out for Chibi Devi (like gashapon or something) there better be something of Mr. Director… And odds are, I’d probably buy it haha…