Guilty Crown Episode 6

As I’ve said… a few reviews ago, I’m not going to bother spoiler-tagging anymore because it’s assumed that anything past episode 3 is a huge spoiler.  Anyway!

A.K.A. that episode with a lot of techno-babble


There is a huge info-dump concerning the Leucocyte.  It’s a satellite super-weapon that will allow GHQ 24-hour surveillance over all of Japan, and the power to shoot at any coordinate inputted.  Obviously, this is very, very bad news.  Thus, Gai (who was the sole survivor after the attack last episode) wants to destroy the thing before the situation gets out of hand.  However, it’s protected by some kind of techno-babble mechanism, so the only people who can do the job are Shu and Kenji (with his Gravity Void).

Nooooooooo she didn't even last a full episode. ;-;

Shu refuses to join the mission at first because the casualties are estimated to be high, but after a heart-to-heart (or fist-to-fist rather) with Gai, the two finally seem to come to terms with each other.  Later on at sundown, the Funeral Parlor initiates their attack, with Gai and team (composed of Shu, Inori, and Kenji) infiltrating the base while the others create a distraction.  Shu and Gai are able to access the core room, but Daryl (in his endlave) interrupts them while they are attempting to hack the core and shut it down.  There is a brief scuffle between Gai and Daryl, and Gai manages down an entire endlave by himself because that’s just how badass he is.

Okay Gai, I guess you aren't just a somewhat dickish pretty boy after all
I still don't really know what to feel about Kenji, though...
Inori's suit is hella impractical (there's nothing protecting her chest area!), but at least she knows how to strike a badass pose when there needs to be one.

Unfortunately, Daryl accidentally shoots the core as he goes down, causing it to malfunction and send the satellite crashing down on Tokyo.  It’s around here that Shu and co. meet up with Seiga.  Gai makes a deal with Seiga—he’ll take down the satellite, but he asks that all of Shu’s data be deleted from GHQ’s database in return.  And so, Gai takes off on his suicide mission.  Of course, Shu doesn’t want Gai to die, and so uses Inori’s void to duex ex machina destroy the satellite instead.  And so, there’s a “happy” ending; but something bad hovers over the horizon, with the mention of another possible machine/satellite called “Cocytus.”

My Opinion:

Auuugh why is Shu so painfully pathetic.  I honestly feel sorry for the kid—not because I necessarily think he’s “right,” but because he’s so socially awkward that it’s painful for me to watch; as someone who is also somewhat socially inept. But anyway, I digress…

This episode was one of the better ones we’ve had so far.  I’m just glad that Gai got a lot more character depth.  I was honestly predicting that he’d actually be the villain of the series, but I suppose that’s thrown out the window now after that whole scene.  I don’t mind, as long as it makes Gai a more bearable character to watch (since I know now that his “jerkass façade” is really just that).

Annnnd I was proven wrong about that pen!  I’m actually really glad that I was proven wrong, because this means that Guilty Crown is slowly but surely getting itself out of its MASSIVE CLICHÉ rut.  Apart from the way the episode ended, there weren’t too many clichés I caught, so that’s a good sign.  And the animation is still pretty top notch.  Well… only in the latter half of the series (the first half had pretty QUALITY crowd scenes), but hey; it’s still pretty damn high quality so far.

Of course, there are still lots of possible threats in the future, so we’ll be seeing more of Shu and the gang.  (There’s supposedly going to be 22 episodes of Guilty Crown if Wikipedia is to be trusted.)  At this point, I highly doubt Shu will ever be able to return to his normal school life again, but I do wonder if his mom knows about his involvement in Funeral Parlor activities…

Out of five for this episode:


There's a happy ending... FOR NOW.

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