Oh my god, new characters! Hopefully, they aren't as pointless as a handful of the other characters we've been introduced to so far.


Shin finally gets the idea to ask Mr. Principle/Director (apparently the subs can’t decide on his name) about Mao’s firebreathing, despite that being one of the first things I would be asking about, because have you ever seen a baby that can breath FIRE? Anyway, Mr. Principle says that he’ll explain everything… tomorrow at the big meetup (what a tease). So Shin and Honoka go and attend it the next day. ¬†They find out that there are two other girls with babies, and these babies also have powers (surprise surprise).

What the crap, are the babies POKEMON now?!?

Honoka once again asks about Mao’s powers and Principle explains by… taking the brunt of one of Mao’s flamethrowers. Okay. The gist of it is, the babies gain powers when they wear different costumes (which should have been pretty obvious by episode 1-2 even to elementary schoolers), and they apparently can only use their powers when they feel that their “mama” is in danger. Honoka gets inspired, and Shin also gets inspired causing his personality to basically change a full 180 degrees and now he proclaims that he’ll be the best father he can be.

…Okay then.

What are the odds that Principle with be the buttmonkey throughout the rest of this series? Answer: 100%

My Opinion:

This episode was surprising in that there was actually PLOT! But it gets points subtracted for just telling us something that was painfully obvious to the audience several episodes ago! That, along with bland new characters nets this episode a total of… -10 points.

I don’t understand why this series keeps introducing so many pointless characters. The two bully girls in the first episode? They haven’t appeared since. Honoka’s other friend (the anime otaku)? He hasn’t appeared since either. ¬†Even though it’s interesting that there ARE other devil babies around, I highly doubt that the two girls and their babies will ever appear again (though I’d be happy to be proved wrong). It seems like the only reason this series introduces new characters is to serve as plot-advancers and then they get ditched; which is a sign of really bad story-writing. Of course, there are characters like Shin and Mr. Principle/Director, but they are as close to main characters as we’ll ever get so they’re slightly more “developed.” I put that in quotation marks because the character development in this series is also really spotty. Shin just suddenly decides to be a good father, REALLY? I mean, I know he was “inspired” to do so because of Mao’s protectiveness over Honoka, but this still seems like a really shoddy way of giving Shin a change of personality. IT’S JUST ALL BADLY WRITTEN OKAY. (and the short time limit on the episodes don’t really help matters)

Once again, this series mistakes slap-stick comedy for actual comedy. It’s… amusing I guess? But I highly doubt anyone other than children under ten would actually find these gags laugh-out-loud funny. Of course, this was the intended audience for this series, so I’m willing to let that slide. However, I doubt that even many children (that this series is aimed at) would be very interested in this terribly written, terribly paced anime.

Out of five for this episode:

I guess I am being a bit too hard on this series though; because seriously what else can you expect from this kind of QUALITY