Chibi Devi! Episodes 7 and 8

Ugh, sorry that this review took so long to get posted. The subs for episode 8 came out really late this week, though I can’t entirely blame the subbers for not wanting to sub this as fast as they can…

I'm pretty sure Shin is just standing on a higher step here because he's suddenly over a head taller than Honoka.


Honoka and Shin try to act like parents for Mao for the first time.  It goes just as well as you’d expect.  Both Honoka and Shin seem to be apprehensive about each other; Honoka’s still pretty scared of Shin, and Shin acts all embarrassed around Honoka.  Honoka mistakes this embarrassment as anger, and so gets depressed for the rest of the day.

Oh hey, we DO get to see those two other devil babies again!

Anyway, Mao’s down too after seeing Honoka so down.  Later that night, Mao surprisingly comes down with a fever, GASP!  Fortunately, Shin returns because he lost something at Honoka’s house, whereupon Honoka cries at him because she has absolutely NO IDEA what to do about Mao.  Some questioning from Shin makes Honoka remember a book that Mr. Director/Principle gave her earlier that day.

I'm sorry that I constantly gush over how awesome Principle is, but he's just so much more entertaining to me than Honoka and Shin...

The book details the fact that the devil babies can develop fevers when they build up too much stress.  The way to cure it is by making the babies use their magic powers.  And so Honoka and Shin do just that (with Shin receiving the full brunt of Mao’s attack).  And so, Mao gets better again!  Hooray I guess?

I like to think that Honoka did this on purpose and just ACTS all shy and innocent, because that's a funnier interpretation of her character.

After that incident, Shin asks Honoka why Mao was so stressed out, and she confesses that it was probably because she was so depressed that day.  Honoka then finds out the item that Shin lost, which is a book about being a good father.   It’s only after this that Honoka realizes that Shin wasn’t mad at her, just embarrassed about himself.

The chibis in this series are kind of hilarious.

As Honoka and Shin reconcile, Honoka’s aunt suddenly bursts in.  Of course, she is more than a little surprised at seeing Honoka with a boy and a BABY so late at night. /understatement

Fortunately, both Honoka and Shin are able to explain Mao away (in the most cliched fashion but hey, it worked).  And so, crisis averted!  For now.  As Shin walks home, he muses that Honoka is a very depressed girl and strives to make her happier.  This will no doubt lead to more wacky shenanigans.

My Opinion:

Another couple of “meh”-worthy episodes, though that’s pretty much the par for this series.  Honoka and Shin get some small character development (I guess?) and seem to understand each other more now.  But geeze Shin, did it really take you that long to realize that Honoka isn’t that happy a person?

And hey, we finally get to see Honoka’s aunt!  Which also showcases that, once again, Chibi Devi! seems to introduce characters solely to advance the plot.  Because Shin didn’t realize that Honoka was so depressed until AFTER he met her aunt.  Eh, well.  Episode 7 was kind of lackluster, but at least episode 8 had a decent amount of plot packed in, considering how short each episode is.  Which is why I’m going to say this again: Chibi Devi would work so much better with regular episodes instead of this five-minute crap.  You can’t really DO much in five minutes, and since this series has far more “plot” than Digi Charat or Hetalia, you kind of need more than five minutes to tell the story.  Otherwise, it’s just kind of annoying, especially with the less plot-heavy (but required) episodes like episode 7.  I really don’t see the point to making this a five minute episode thing, unless the producers just REALLY didn’t want to animate a full episode each week or something.  In which case, that’s kind of sad.  I know the premise of Chibi Devi! isn’t that amazing, but they’re just making this series a lot dumber than it already is.

Anyway, out of of five for episode 7:

  and 1/2

For episode 8:


Even though I rag on this series, I still find it less rage-inducing than Guilty Crown.  And I have to do a double review for that next, oooogh…

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