Chibi Devi! 9 still isn’t out yet, so have another rant-filled Guilty Crown review while you wait.  This episode review doesn’t follow the conventional review style, because a series THIS bad doesn’t deserve a well-written review.

RANT-WARNING!  (I’m afraid I’m going to have to start doing this now, oh boy…)

Just so you know, the animation quality in this part is intentionally bad.

Summary/My Opinion:

We don’t get to see what happens between Shu (or Sho, whatever) and Yahiro because writing out an actual relationship is too hard.  So we just see what happens to Shu in the aftermath, as Yahiro goes back to the “minor characters whose sole purpose to advance the plot” corner.  Obviously Shu is TRAUMATIZED by the events, and ANGSTs constantly about it.  He ends up causing the Funeral Parlor to fail one mission because ANGST.  Then we later find out that Shu has actually run away from home for awhile, because ANGST. …ANGST.

During Shu’s many spazz-fests, we see that Shu probably had an older sister, who died because of the events of Lost Christmas.  MEANWHILE!  Gai meets up with that blonde chick Amira’s grandfather, and claims that the sole reason he’s running the Funeral Parlor is because of some girl.  Gai may or may not just be trolling the audience again.  Back at GHQ, apparently the writers now want to start an AMERICA IS EVIL! plotline because General Yan wants to take the stone (stolen from episode 8 ) back to America with him and somehow use it to become President or some bullshit.  (What, is he gonna threaten the white house with it? Oh my god, a STONE!)

The woman's pretty and all, but look at that dude; he has LIGHTNING-BOLT-SHAPED EYEBROWS

Shu finally returns to school, with some help from Hare, but then freaks out again because he’s still traumatized by the apocalypse virus crystals.  Hare ends up taking him outside, where Ayase scolds him for being so pathetic, and Gai even threatens him with a GUN TO HIS HEAD but Shu is too busy being ANGST-y to care.  My god Shu, I know this series is trying really hard to make you out to be some type of tragic character, and even I want to feel bad for you; but you’re so goddamn pathetic that every time you whine about something, all my pity goes out the window.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

Anyway, Gai ends up not shooting him (even though that would have been AMAZING), and tells Shu not to ever show his face to the Funeral Parlor ever again.  Shu finally drags himself home, and ends up offending Inori and she leaves him.  It’s even more badly played out than your standard soap opera.  But of course, even without Shu, Gai still fully intends to carry out his mission to get back the stone; and so Gai and team start to infiltrate GHQ.  At GHQ itself, Daryl spies his father making out with some chick and pretty much throws a fit and it will never not be hilarious to me whenever Daryl gets mad.

I'm going to re-use this image should I ever actually drop this series.

While the Funeral Parlor continues its mission, Shu is being pathetic again, and tries to substitute his friend Hare for Inori.  He promptly gets bitchslapped FOR GREAT JUSTICE! because Hare’s mad that Shu’s so pathetic acting so strange lately.  Back at GHQ, Seiga unleashes A DIABOLICAL SCHEME and causes the stone to resonate or something.  This accelerates the growth of crystals in those infected with the apocalypse virus (which Gai is shown to be infected by) and then Inori goes all wacky.  Then we get introduced to yet another blonde douche who may or may not be important to the plot.  GUILTY CROWN!

I was so tempted to make all the screencaps for this review be those in which Shu is being pathetic, but that's not fun for ANYONE.

Gai is seriously the only character in this series I care about anymore. If he dies, I'll be pissed because they'll have killed off their only one good character.

Seriously, who's this douche?

Just when I thought Guilty Crown couldn’t possibly get any worse, IT DOES!  And it managed to pull out the most half-assed plot twist in all time in a record three minutes before the episode ends!  Now, I’m a huge fan of plot-twists, but the reason why I was less than pleased with Guilty Crown’s is because there was very little foreshadowing about it.  It’s not just enough to go “PLOT TWIST!” and expect your audience to just roll with it.  You have to try to foreshadow it beforehand so it doesn’t come off as a cheap move.  Also, you have to admit, the “plot twist” in itself was pretty stupid.  Obviously, I am a bit biased in making this statement, so take of that what you will.

As bad as Guilty Crown is, I’m still tempted to keep watching just because I keep thinking “it can’t possibly get any worse than this” and yet it just DOES!  I’ve put up with so many bad episodes in this series already, it’d be a shame just to drop it here, just when things have gotten so bad good bad.  Okay, to be a little more on topic here, this episode was bad.  It just was. (Though I really want a .gif of that one scene where Seiga and the animation spazzes out because I just found that hilarious.)  The animation is still the only saving grace this series has (and probably its music).  Story-wise and character-wise, this series gets and F grade.

Out of five for this episode:

It's a shame she's now wearing a bland white outfit because SYMBOLISM!

If it turns out Inori’s actually Shu’s sis “reborn” or something, I’mma flip some tables. THEIR RELATIONSHIP WOULD BE SO WRONG…