This is way over-due, I know. But the subs didn’t come out until sometime yesterday for this episode. I can’t blame the subbers for not wanting to drop their Christmas plans and sub this, though.

Mao's become slightly less annoying by now!


Shin immediately starts trying to be “a dad” by… somehow busting into Honoka’s room the next morning and saying he’ll watch Mao so Honoka can make her aunt a bento.  Honoka’s confused by Shin’s suggestion, so he explains.  If Honoka’s depressed all the time, that will make Mao sick.  So if she develops a better relationship with her aunt, things will be better off for both Mao and Honoka.  Honoka does successfully make a bento for her aunt, but loses her nerve and ends up not giving it to her at the last minute

The next morning, Honoka tries again, this time with breakfast instead.  However, her aunt’s as busy as ever and so rushes off without eating.  Shin encourages Honoka to say something, which finally gives Honoka the courage to talk to her aunt honestly.  Honoka tells her aunt that she wishes her aunt could come home more because it’s lonely by herself.  Honoka’s aunt happily agrees to, and Honoka is a happier person.  That day at the daycare, Shin is surprised that he can finally hold Mao without Mao bursting into tears!  What startling new developments will we see next?

Honoka still makes the BEST FACES

"Okay, a sappy moment! UNLEASH THE SHOUJO BUBBLES!"

My Opinion:

There’s really not much for me to say about these new Chibi Devi episodes, as they are all pretty much the same in terms of story, animation, and whatnot.  There wasn’t much humor in this episode because the story focused on a more serious issue, but  I guess both Honoka and Shin did get some major character development this time around.  It’s actually rather sad that Honoka isn’t that close to her aunt because of her meekness.  (Her aunt’s not a mean person, Honoka’s just been too scared to really talk with her aunt.)  I think the thing I’m most thankful for is that Mao isn’t getting as much attention as in the earlier episodes.  He’s much more bearable when the producers aren’t trying to shove his cuteness into your face.  Even though Shin and Honoka aren’t your most interesting pair of characters, they’re still better than Mao. (But of course, that’s just my opinion.)

Out of five for this episode:

    and 1/2