Notice about Chibi Devi and Guilty Crown Reviews

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Guilty Crown:

Not a style I care for, but I think that's just because Shu ruins everything.

I’m sorry, but I am dropping this. It was strangely cathartic to rant about this series for a while, but now watching this series seriously just makes me want to quit reviewing all together.  Which is a bad thing.  So before this series can corrode any more of my sanity, I’m choosing to drop this as the new anime season begins.  Yes, I know; this is an incredibly shitty place to drop this series; and without much warning either.  But I figured I might as well drop it here after its first season has ended, rather than wait until the second season starts, because that would be a much more awkward place to drop it.

It’s a shame that I ended up hating this series so much.  Its animation quality and music is on the whole rather good; but its plot was irredeemable and its characters were just sort of bland.  I’ve ranted about this a million times before but holy crap Shu is the worst main character I’ve ever seen in anime.  I have never before hated a protagonist as much as I’ve hated him.  Badly developed and with no redeeming qualities, he is literally worse than your “average guy.”  His motivations are extremely petty and selfish, and he keeps putting others in danger because of his cowardice. I know that what Shu goes through is pretty stressful, but couldn’t they have given the Void powers to someone with a more consistent character?!

The other characters aren’t bad (well… compared to Shu) but… I just don’t care about any of them.  The only character I had some feelings for was Gai, because he was such a magnificent bastard.  But yeah, the last episode happened, and now there’s nothing else keeping me watching this awful series.  I know that I’ll probably miss a lot choosing to stop reviewing/watching it here, but at this point I really don’t care how Guilty Crown ends.  Maybe it gets better in the second season; who knows? I don’t want to stick around any longer to find out.

Out of five for season 1:

  and 1/2

"Just so you know, I always hated your ass."

Chibi Devi!

Not the best series out there, but at least it's not Guilty Crown.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to drop Chibi Devi too… though not because I wanted to.  Chibi Devi isn’t a masterpiece of an anime by any means, but it was still entertaining enough for me to keep watching it.  No, I have to drop this series because the subs for it have most likely been discontinued… permanently.

Now why has this happened you ask?  I don’t really know the details much myself, other than a thing known as “SUBBING WARS” happened.  I didn’t even realize that subbing wars (fighting over… the subbing rights to a series) was a thing that happened on the internet.  But I guess subbing anime is SERIOUS BUSINESS.  Long story short, there were a couple of groups subbing Chibi Devi at the same time and DRAMA inevitably ensued.  One of the bigger groups decided to drop Chibi Devi and they somehow… convinced the raw provider to not upload any raws past episode 9.  To all this I say: “this is really, really stupid.”

Not only is it really selfish of the subbers to do that, there’s also the question of WHY?  Why would you try so hard to prevent other subbers from subbing such a mediocre anime as Chibi Devi of all things?!  I would think that it would be more a waste of time for THEM than anything else.  Why be so adamant about it?  Really guys, it’s not going to ruin your reputation, or divert traffic to another subbing team.  Because really, how many people actually watch Chibi Devi?!

So since we probably won’t get any more episodes, I’ll just do a final impression here:

Chibi Devi isn’t that memorable, but it’s relatively inoffensive and should be entertaining enough for its target audience, which I presume is grade school kids under the age of ten.  Although I applauded the five minute thing at first, I think it turned out to make this series seem far dumber than it was.  Chibi Devi’s “plot” isn’t all that complex, but it’s still too linear to really make use of the five minute limit.  A five minute anime should really only stay an episodic gag anime, not something you’ll have to watch all of, in a certain order.  Unfortunately, Chibi Devi is more of the latter, which makes the producers’ choice for this format really strange.  Although such a slow (fast?) paced anime as Chibi Devi would probably also suffer from a full 20+ minute episode (there would be so much filler…) it would probably be more coherent than what it is now.

The characters and animation aren’t exactly great, but it at least does the job of telling a coherent story unlike Guilty Crown. And anyway, I still ended up enjoying this far more than Guilty Crown (take of that what you will), so this series isn’t all bad.  Obviously it’s not for everyone, but if you want something mindless and cute… well, here you go!

Out of five (episode 1-9):


Mr. Director is still my favorite character in this series okay

One thought on “Notice about Chibi Devi and Guilty Crown Reviews

  1. this is actually moeronpan January 2, 2012 / 6:27 am

    I’m actually surprised you stuck with Guilty Crown for so long, given how much you hated it. I suppose I did review all of Hoshizora though.
    Hopefully this month’s new season will be better!

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