The presumed recorder and randsell in question.

Atsushi and Atsumi are a brother and sister pair who both have the odd problem of their appearance not matching their age. While Atsushi is really 11 and in elementary school, he looks like a young man. Atsumi is the opposite – she’s 17 and in high-school, but looks like an 8-year-old. Furthermore, their personalities have much more in common with their actual ages than their appearances; so Atsumi looks after her ‘little’ brother who is, for all the world, a clueless little kid in a man’s body. Naturally, this causes many understandings with people who don’t know his true age – people like policemen who see him talking to his friend of the same age.

...Given the fact that I just watched Kill Me Baby it's a little hard to find Atsumi's appearance unusual for a high-schooler, though.

If there’s one show I’m seeing getting panned all over the internet, it’s this one, this apparently creepy, ‘sleazy’ show that tries and fails to be funny. Maybe after hearing so many bad things about it I just had my expectations really low or something, but…I just have to come out and say it.
I found it utterly charming, and I laughed at the joke. I don’t care if apparently, this means I have to go hand in my ‘comedy fan’ card or something, and make of it what you will about my sense of humour, but a child in a grown man’s boy is simultaneously adorable and hilarious to me. It’s also vaguely creepy, but seeing as this is a gag anime, it’s okay not to think about it. The only thing I actually raised my eyebrow at was the girl with the impossibly bouncy boobs in the ‘opening’ (well, more like the ending, given the placement), who wasnt in this episode. I’m really not sure what she is going to bring to future episodes besides probably unnecessary fanservice. But for this episode itself, to me, the only real glaring problem was the length. This show is 3 minutes long. It gives it the exact opposite problem of Kill Me Baby – a show which would have worked better with a shorter length. While I don’t know if Recorder to Randsell would be best with 24 minutes, I do think it needed at least 10. The whole thing ended so suddenly I thought that my player had crashed. It’s kind of interesting that Kill Me Baby has such a low budget at its length while the animation and backgrounds in Recorder to Randsell were actually quite good, however)
Anyway, this show is apparently incredibly polarizing, but one good thing about its shortness is that it’s not going to take away too much of your time if you’d rather just judge it for yourself.  Of the three shows I’ve watched so far, I liked this one the most, and given its length, I’m tempted to blog it if I have time and don’t end up wanting to blog anything else. Haters gonna hate.

…and alright, I’ll come clean. It’s entirely possible that one major reason I enjoyed this so much was the fact that with the older male body and childish personality, coat, and scarf, Atsushi reminded me a whole lot of a certain blue Vocaloid. And I regret nothing.

Sorry for spoiling the main gag in the episode.

Out of 5,