Atsumi's eyes are really kind of unnerving...

This time, we get to see a little more of Atsumi’s daily high school life, such as the effort she needs to put into reaching vending machine buttons she wants. It really is inconvenient to be so short at her age…but as for Atsushi, he finds his height just as inconvenient if it means missing out on free candy. It is very handy for Atsumi when they go grocery shopping, however.

One day.....

his face though

I can foresee that the plot sections of these reviews are going to be around that kind of sparseness, because there really only is so much you can do in 3 minutes. I’m pleased to report that this show is still charming and adorable, and, if the ‘Atsushi got mistaken for a pedophile’ gag in the first episode made you uncomfortable (which it seemed to do to a lot of people, although not me), the jokes in this episode are ‘cleaner’. (however I’m a little disappointed we never got to saw what happened after Atsushi was taken away by the police…) Of course, they’re all pretty predictable and clear-cut – jokes about height tend to be that way after all, but the whole thing still managed to bring a smile to my face, and it’s a great little weekly pick-me-up that really doesn’t take away much of my time at all.
I am curious to how much material they can manage to get out of this setup, but seeing as there’s still quite a few things I’d like to see, I can’t see them running out of ideas too quickly. For example, I personally can’t wait to see Atsushi at school, something which is sure to be adorably ridiculous, and Atsumi’s friend’s inevitable continued meetings with him. (Seeing as she seems to think he’s Atsumi’s older brother, and also seems to have a crush on him, if she sees his personality it’ll be sure to produce some laughs.) Also, where are their parents? If they have any at all, that is.
Mostly I hope I don’t run out of things to say about it other than “this was cute and charming and made me smile’.

But not to big children? Discrimination!

To be honest, I think he acts more like an 8-year-old than an 11-year-old.

Out of 5,