I feel like I havent seen a giant sweatdrop in an anime in ages. It feels so 90s!

Episode 3
Here we get to see more of Atsumi’s high-school life, which reveals that she seems to be quite popular with the boys. (At least, they all seem to think she’s adorable).  After a few more stabs at Atsushi’s height, the conversation topic turns to boys – namely,  the preferred type of Atsumi and her friend Sayo. Atsumi’s not particularly picky about height so long as it’s a guy taller than her (which in her age bracket is pretty much anyone), whereas Sayo certainly is, wanting only a super-tall guy. Her heart, and imagination, seems to be quite set on the wrongest candidate ever, though…

No pressure or anything.

Lol at Atsushi's head being cut off.

This episode was…cute? Really, there’s often hardly anything to say about this show, and I get annoyed by the length of it every time. To be honest, I found it a little dull compared to the first two. Atsumi’s cute and all, but I think Atsushi is the real draw to the show for me because he’s adorable. It did set a few things up for what I hope we’ll see some more of in future – Atsumi’s popularity at school, and Sayo’s totally inappropriate crush on Atsushi (not knowing his true age, of course.) The whole imagination sequence with Sayo and Atsushi made the whole episode worth it, though.
Out of 5,

Episode 4

No caption necessary.

Here’s the episode I’d been waiting for – one about Atsushi at school. As expected, it was much, much funnier than the Atsumi episode last time, and we’re also introduced to some new characters – Atsushi’s other friends at school (besides the girl in the first episode, whose name is apparently Hina), but also the bouncing-boob woman in the ending theme. Turns out she’s Atsushi’s teacher, who seems to suffer a fear of men – meaning the completely un-child-like Atsushi unnerves her a lot – but he’s oblivious as to why.
After school, Atsushi is mistaken for a kidnapper when he holds Hina’s hand as they walk home.

Atsushi's just so flipping cute, how can you be scared of him?

Maybe I said it before, but I honestly think Atsushi acts less like an 11-year-old and more like a 7-year-old. His enthusiasm is pretty damn infectious though, I must say. And just the mere way he talks makes me laugh, vaguely unsettling as it may be.
I was actually pleasantly surprised by the teacher character (Futami, apparently), as she turned out to be quite a likeable character instead of just a fanservice vehicle. (There was actually no fanservice whatsoever related to her in this episode, ending theme aside).
As for the end gag, it was obvious how it was going  to end the second that Atsushi and Hina are seen walking together. I really hope they don’t repeat this ‘bystanders think Atsushi is a pedo’ joke too much, as it’s going to get pretty old pretty fast. But at least this time, we got to see Atsushi’s state after the whole incident. There’s also the confirmation that Hina is not just his friend, but the girl he has a crush on – something that is definitely going to lead to more terrible misunderstandings eventually, I’m sure. (But will they be funny…? Gonna have to wait and see on that.)

You would think, with the frequency with which this seems to happen, that everyone in the neighbourhood would know he isn't some pedo by now, but...

Out of 5,