Vocaloid Meiko Nendoroid

Hey everyone, it’s that reviewer that can’t even keep up with a weekly 3 minute series! But at least I can still get my figure reviews done(if getting them done months after the figure comes out counts as ‘getting them done’). But in my absence I got a new camera, plus wordpress seems to have gone all weird and won’t let me put captions on pictures but I’m sure you can live without those.


This time it’s the long overdue nendoroid of Crypton’s least popular Vocaloid, and the only one that got a Nendoroid Plus plushie made before an actual nendoroid (puchi aside).


She comes with a decent amount of optional parts, compared to the others, the most interesting being both a changeable top-half and a changeable bottom half, both of which are used for specific poses. Like every other Vocaloid nendoroid she has the optional bent leg too, and much more optional arms than the others seem to have gotten.
Because her release took so long, she’s also the only one with the ‘new’ (well, routine for the past year or so) stand, which as just as well because her nicest pose gimmick (which I’ll get to later)just wouldnt be possible otherwise.


Like the Kaito nendoroid, she’s based on Kei’s art rather than her laughably bad box art, and as you can see she looks pretty…Meiko-ish. (Although I personally think her hair should be a skoosh darker than that). This is good news for Meiko fans of course (although I think that some may find her…assets a bit on the small size when one considers how she is usually portrayed, something I normally wouldnt even notice if it werent for the fact that she’s currently displayed next to Mami (review also coming soon) where the difference is really obvious ahem) but the downside is pretty apparent to non-fans: Meiko really has the least interesting design of the Crypton 6. Obviously, if you’re a Meiko fan (i.e me), this isn’t going to bother you because you already love her, but I can’t imagine this nendoroid gaining her any new fans.


Luckily, Meiko makes up for her more subdued design with her attitude – I think you can get some pretty nice poses with the optional parts and faces.

In particular, her ‘main’ pose and the one I think she looks best in, based off her pose on the original box art in which she is jumping while holding a mic on its stand. This is recreated adorably in nendoroid form, and best of all, like Prince Baka Meiko has a nice, cooperative stand that will let her do this and can hold her very sturdy. For this pose, the optional torso part is necessary. It only really looks good displayed side-on like this, since from the front you’ll mostly only see her nendoroid underwear (i’m sure this would be of interest to some people though).

It’s just my opinion, but I do think the mic looks odd and a little clunky and don’t actually like displaying it that much, except for Meiko’s standup comedy routines.
For the jumping pose though, I like to substitute it for something more precious to Meiko.
To the uninitiated this looks like a glass of water, but fans will know it’s sake.Both Meiko’s glass and the ‘one cup’ sake, as well as the mic, all have pegs that fit into a hole in one of her optional arms. (On that note, she’s the only of the Crypton6 with optional arms rather than optional hands, since she doesn’t have any sleeves)
She also of course has optional sitting legs, which I mentioned back in my Hideyoshi review as something I was a bit concerned about. But she sits just fine, although she will topple if her head is looking up too much (in which case, you can just use the stand to hold her up). The weird thing about this is that I feel like her arms should be able to rest on the floor like this, but they don’t, and it can look kind of weird with the space between the ‘ground’ and her hands.

Of course the sitting legs are intended to make Meiko the super classy drunk. Meiko comes with not one but 3 alcohol items, which is pretty neat (especially when considering neither Rin or Len got their character items at all) although I personally think they could look better, as the blank labels make them look rather…unfinished. (honestly, if they can’t ‘advertise’ with nendoroid pieces can’t they just invent/parody a brand? Or put a pattern on the label? Hell even if they just wrote ‘sake’ or something). Also, she cant hold the bottle, you’re just meant to stand it next to her.

You don’t have to use drunk-meiko sitting down though, you can make some kind of drunk poppipo if you like.
ImageAbout her face though, it’s cute, but it doesn’t seem entirely Meiko-like to me. Obviously what is and isn’t ‘Meiko-like’ is pretty subjective, but I usually see her portrayed as a more flirty drunk with a more seductive/playful expression. I’m sure there’s a suitable alternative somewhere in the nendoroidverse that you could swap faces with though.
For funsies you can also try to use the alternate torso to get staggering drunk Meiko.
ImageFor figures like this one, listing pros and cons aren’t really necessary, because If you like Meiko and you like nendoroids, you’ll probably want her. If you don’t like Meiko or nendoroids, you probably won’t. Simple. But she is well-made, sturdy, and holds together very well, and it’s just so nice to finally have the whole Crypton vocaloid family as nendoroids. Also, due to her unpopularity she shouldn’t be all that hard to come across (although I’m not sure how much longer this will continue for, and if she ever does become scarce her price will probably go up a lot).
Out of 5 I’d giver her

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