Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Tomoe Mami Figma

With Moeronpan having done a review of the Mami Nendoroid, and me finally getting my long awaited package in the mail, here’s the review of the Mami Figma!

As with Moeronpan’s review, there will be some spoilers for the Madoka anime.

"Hello there!"

As Tomoe Mami is my favorite of the Puella Magi girls, she was the one I decided to buy first out of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica figma line. (I hope to someday at least acquire a Homura since she’s my second favorite.)  Mami also happens to be my first figma; which means I unfortunately don’t have anything to compare her to except other figma reviews.  But anyway, let’s begin!

First off, a list of all the parts you can expect to come with the box.  Along with the Mami figma (with the neutral smiling face, open hands, and hat on head), she comes with two faces (one winking face and one scared face); a total of seven hands (two in fists, two grasped ones for holding items, two for holding her guns normally, and one to hold her gun at the barrel part); six guns in all; an extra hairpin piece; and a Charlotte figure.  Mami herself, Charlotte, and all six guns have their own stand.  The two grasped hands (not for use with the guns) are probably meant to be used for holding other figma items in order to make her more versatile with other figures in the figma line.  I don’t have any other figma accessories so I can’t test this, unfortunately.

I found it easier to take a picture of all the stuff like this because it's double stacked in the box, and wouldn't all fit in the picture otherwise.

Taking a closer look at Mami herself, the figure seems to be fairly accurate to the anime.  Everything is highly detailed, from the folds in her skirt and sleeves, to the stripes in her stockings.  She also seems to be lovingly painted.  The white outlines on her corset and boots are a bit smudged in places, but they’re not too bad unless you look at them really up close.  I really love the way Mami’s eyes are painted.  They have a pastel-like look—just like in the anime!  It’s worth noting that the skirt and her poofy shoulder sleeves are soft plastic.  Mami’s legs can’t actually seem to raise that high, but the soft plastic skirt does allow for some more variety in poses.

What Mami looks like from the back. The peg hole is a bit glaring, but you're most likely not going to be displaying her like this anyway.

That brings me to the next point: her poseability.  I can’t really compare (no other figmas, remember), but she seems to be decently poseable.  Mami has joints at her elbows and knees, which thankfully aren’t too prominent due to her costume design.  Her arms and legs are basically limited by her clothes and how far the joints will bend, but they’re enough to give her a sufficient amount of poses.  You can even make her sit with a little patience.  There’s a joint right under her breasts that allow her upper body to swivel side to side and tilt forwards or backwards slightly.  Her head is very easy to move side to side, though not so much up or down.  Mami’s twindrills are also slightly moveable, and fortunately the ball joints are much less prominent from the back than the Mami nendo, because the ball joints are actually inside her head.

She can "sit" but you probably wouldn't want to put her on the edge of your shelf. She's actually not too steady this way.

Now to talk about the hat.  The hat actually attaches to Mami’s head via her flower hairpin (which has her soul gem).  You have to slot it in sideways instead of top-down.  I think this is actually a rather novel idea, because by hiding the peg in the hairpiece instead of the hat itself, the presentation looks nicer and it probably stays on more sturdily due to the style of her hat.  This is where that extra hairpin piece comes in: if you want to have Mami without her signature hat, just exchange it for the extra flower hairpin.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to display Mami with either the hat or the hairpin alone, due to the hole in the side of her head.  But as the flower hairpin is one of Mami’s signature items, why WOULDN’T you display her with it?  Also, the hairpin on the hat isn’t removable, so if you want to have Mami holding her hat, she’ll randomly have two soul gems.

"If only I had an extra soul gem for *that* battle..."

Moving on to the other accessories, the guns are all nicely molded and painted.  The paint job is a little simplistic compared to the Mami figure itself, but hey, it’s painted.  The guns are long but they’re extremely thin, so even a simple paintjob is very nice already.  And we also get six of them!  They even come with their own stands to display alongside Mami.  With the included “gun hands,” Mami can hold two at a time.  They’re… a little bit tricky to get on her hands, but once they’re on, they’ll stay on.  I find the easiest way to do this is to attach the gun on the hand before putting the hand onto her body.  Just put the open part of the hand around the handle of the gun first, then twist the hand to get the fingers in the right place.  Though this does take some practice to get used to.

You can probably guess where this is by now. It's silly, but my kitchen is actually the best place for taking figure photoshoots...

And of course, I can’t forget about Charlotte.  Charlotte, from what I can tell, is pretty accurate to the anime like Mami.  She’s pretty close to scale, and has a nice amount of detail in her paint job.  (She even has her big form painted on her cape!)  Her “arms” are slightly moveable, but beyond that Charlotte’s main purpose is for display.  She’s stable enough to “stand” by herself, or you can put her on her own stand for added height.  I kind of wish that the height of the stand could be adjusted, since Charlotte stands around head/chest level with Mami while on it, but ah well.

I know she ripped poor Mami's head off, but she's just too adorable!

Concerning the other stands, Mami has the regular stand that comes with every figma in the figma line.  It’s actually a bit flimsy, but it does its job.  However, it is very light compared to the figure, so if you over-extend the arm, Mami and the stand will just topple over.  Even so, it’s a lot less aggravating to deal with than the nendoroid stands hands down.   As Mami does not have long hair covering her back, it’s fairly easy to get the peg in.  I was lucky enough that my peg seemed to fit perfectly without much trouble, though Moeronpan has said that she had to widen the hole before the peg would fit.  As mentioned before, the guns also have their own stands.  They’re very small, crescent shaped pieces of plastic.  They’re not weighted or anything—they stand because of the way the gun balances while slotted in it.  This means that they’re VERY easily knocked down; so if you plan on displaying Mami with her mini-arsenal, you need to find a stable place.

If you’re the type who hates stands, not to worry!  The thing I like most about the Mami figma is that she’s able to stand on her own!  That may not seem very exciting to most people, but I think it’s pretty amazing.  Sure, you need to carefully balance her a bit, can’t put her in any fancy poses with one leg up, and need a very level shelf; but hey.  She stands!  I actually prefer displaying her this way because it just looks so much nicer to me.

"We're going witch hunting!"

There are also a few cardboard “extras” that come with each box.  The first is a punch-out stand that you can make.  It’s the logo on the back of the cardboard packaging that can be found inside the box.  With a bit of folding and tape, voila! A stand… for your figma stand!  It’s… nice I guess?  At least it has the Puella Magi Madoka Magica logo, and “Tomoe Mami” written on it in very small text.  It’s actually more durable than you think, for only being cardboard.  You can fit both Mami and Charlotte on there without it flattening out, though it’s really on made for one figma (Charlotte on her stand barely fits).  It’s mainly just for fancy display purposes.  You can see what it looks like used normally in the very first photo of this review.

The stand is actually fairly easy to set up, but I still ripped it like an idiot orz

The second extra is a rounded green cardboard base with thorns.  I’m actually not sure if this comes with every box since Moeronpan didn’t get this.  But basically, I think it’s meant to mimic the scenery during Mami’s battle with Gertrud in episode 2.  There are small cuts all around one side of the circle where you can insert Mami’s rifles.  It’s… uh… unique…?  To be honest, I don’t really like or dislike the base.  It looks much better in person than in photos, and I guess is a nice way to display the rifles without fear of losing one.  However, it takes up far too much room and can be a hassle to set up.  While the thought was nice, the execution may not be the best.  But what can you really expect from a piece of painted cardboard?

I really wish she was included with at least a serious face for scenes like these. But I guess she's just so badass that she can kill witches while smiling.

Looking at the stuff her nendoroid version comes with, it seems that the figure producers were rather sneaky.  (And by sneaky, I mean that they want you to buy more stuff)  Only the nendoroid version has the big gun and big Charlotte, while only the figma has guns that Mami can hold and the small version of Charlotte.  They evenly split Mami’s signature items between two separate releases; hell, even her expressions are split, barring her normal face!  This means that if you’re a hardcore Mami fan, you’d have to buy both the figma and the nendoroid to have a “complete set.”  If you have enough money just for one, however, then you’re just going to have to weigh the pros and the cons of each.  The nendoroid is definitely more cutesy, while the figma is more poseable.  I personally am perfectly happy with just owning the figma.


Overall, Mami is a very nice figma that fans of the series will love.  She comes with a large amount of extras (though I guess that’s hardly special given that it’s become the standard in the figma line), and even comes with an extra figure by way of Charlotte.  I think the figma is a little less expensive than the nendoroid, but the price tag at the end of shipping costs can still be pretty painful.  (Almost 50USD in all for me.)  I would recommend this figure to any fan of the original series.  For non-fans, I suggest watching the anime first I suppose she’d still be a good buy, depending on how desperate you are for a figma that comes with a set of rifles.  She is one of the latest ones, so the quality is very high and I honestly can’t find many flaws.  In the end, I’m very happy with my purchase.

For this figure, I’d give it out of five:


Forget the guns... "MAMI PUNCH!"

4 thoughts on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Tomoe Mami Figma

  1. moeronpan April 1, 2012 / 1:42 pm

    LOL the last photo.
    I have no idea why my Mami didnt come with the special stand, I think it looks pretty cool :C But oh well. I’m really happy with her regardless.

    • Ariana April 1, 2012 / 6:03 pm

      I had to rearrange the figure to do the photoshoot of her with the green thorny base, but I’ll eventually put her back in punching mode again because I find it hilarious. And I’ll probably display her like that for a while. xD;

  2. LDarko April 7, 2012 / 5:42 pm

    Cool review =) Recieved mine this morning, just waiting on Sayaka to arrive in a couple days. Then only Sakura will remain, I missed preorder on her. Did think about getting WF Homura I want the bow and the extra hair fringe but cost of figure just for those 2 pieces drew me away =( I am aiming to customize her shield and original hairband which will be pretty easy.

    • Ariana April 7, 2012 / 8:17 pm

      WF Homura? I assume you mean school uniform version Homura? I probably won’t get her, as I would prefer getting the one in the magical girl outfit. School uniform version Homura seems a bit boring to me, imo. Plus you would need the other Homura figma in order to really use the extra parts that come with her.

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