A First Impression: Sankarea Episode 1



Chihiro Furuya has always been obsessed with zombies since he was young, and proclaims that the only girl he’ll ever date would have to be a zombie.  Other than this strange fetish, Chihiro lives a fairly average high school student life at a shrine, where his father is the priest.  His family includes his aging grandfather and younger sister, and a cat named Babu.  One day, Babu gets run over by a neighbor’s car.  Chihiro is deeply saddened by the event and resolves to resurrect the cat using an ancient manuscript that he found.

Chihiro's sister, Meru, is adorable.

Every night Chihiro takes the cat’s dead body to an abandoned warehouse so he can conduct the ceremonies in private.  Unexpectedly, a girl also comes by one night, yelling into a well.  Chihiro later finds out (from his school buddies) that the girl’s name is Sanka Rea.  She’s the daughter of the president of the all-girls school, which she goes to.  She’s also very wealthy.

I really like Chihiro's character design.

As Chihiro unsuccessfully continues trying to revive his cat, Rea comes by again for the second time.  Like before, she yells all her problems into a well.  After hearing something scandalous, Chihiro accidentally drops his drink, giving his hiding place away.  Having been found out, Chihiro has no choice other than to invite Rea into his “private” quarters.  When Chihiro tells Rea that he’s trying to resurrect his cat, she seems eager to help.

I suppose I'm being harsh, but the "WAAAH, I'M A RICH GIRL AND LIFE IS SO *HARD*" trope has been done to death.

The two eventually get off-topic and start talking about having girlfriends or boyfriends.  Chihiro casually mentions that he’s only interested in undead girls, to which Rea says that if she becomes a zombie, he will have to take care of her.  Although Rea quickly claims that she was just joking, Chihiro gets a bad feeling.  As the episode ends, Chihiro narrates that Rea actually did become a zombie.

My Opinion:

This seems to be the most interesting of the series I’ve reviewed so far.  The animation is also very lovely, giving somewhat of a SHAFT-like feel.  Which was all the more surprising when I found out that it was Studio DEEN that animated this.  Really?  Studio Deen?

The story seems interesting, though not much has been revealed in the first episode.  I actually checked the Wikipedia to get a better feel of what this series would be like.  Big mistake.  DON’T CHECK THE WIKIPEDIA SUMMARY UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET SPOILED.  I suppose it’s not THAT big a spoiler, as Chihiro states in this episode that Rea did become a zombie.  But if you don’t want to get spoiled about the circumstances of how it happened; then yeah, avoid the wiki like the plague.

Chihiro has one of the better male protagonist designs out there, and he’s got a decently unique personality too.  His hair looks like cat ears!  I bet that that was probably intentional, but it’s still pretty adorable.  His “I only like zombie chicks” thing reminds me of Keima from The World God Only Knows.  Chihiro and Keima can be “anti-real girls” buddies!  Fortunately, he isn’t defined solely by this fetish, as he’s been revealed to be somewhat sarcastic too.  I guess that’s not too unique in recent anime but he at least seems like a more believable character.  Rea on the other hand…  Well, her design is nice, but I haven’t seen enough of her personality to judge.  So far she just seems like your typical, “I wish I was normal!” rich girl.  I wonder if her attitude will change once she becomes a zombie?

Overall, I think this was a good episode.  It might be a bit slow as not much actually happened, but it’s nice that the characters are fleshed out first before the BIG EVENT that’s set to happen later.  Apparently this series is supposed to be a romance comedy.  I suppose this would be more morbid than most usual anime romantic comedies, but I’m willing to give it a try!  There’s a pretty high chance at this point that I’ll continue reviewing this series.

Out of five:

      and 1/2

Rea actually does look pretty cute when she's not whining about how hard her life is.

One thought on “A First Impression: Sankarea Episode 1

  1. moeronpan April 9, 2012 / 12:07 pm

    This looks pretty decent; and the animation looks surprisingly good for Deen I should watch some too.

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