Warning for grossness. Yes, I am being completely serious.

It starts out normally enough, but don't let it fool you...


We start the story off with a high school-aged boy named Akira, who lives with his older sister. (What is with anime and not having parents???)  Anyway, one fateful day at school, his class gets a new transfer student.  The new student’s name is Urabe Mikoto, and she is… odd to say the least.  She sleeps almost every free time she gets at school, and also bursts out laughing at inappropriate intervals.  Because of her behavior, she quickly gets labeled as a weirdo by the rest of the class.

It was surprising how deep her voice was. When I got over the initial shock, I actually really liked it, as I'm so sick of high-pitched high school girls.

One day, Akira sees her in class after school as he’s getting his lunchbox.  As always, she is sleeping; but when he wakes her up, he sees her full face for the first time.  After she leaves the classroom, Akira inexplicably tastes the drool she left on her desk (for some inexplicable reason).  Not long after that, Akira comes down with a severe fever that lasts several days.  It isn’t until Mikoto comes over to his house and forcefully feeds him another bit of her drool that he finally gets better.  Mikoto calmly explains the situation to a confused Akira: He was suffering a withdrawal from not tasting her drool, because he’s fallen in love with her.

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

It's instead because he's fallen in love with her. A perfectly logical explanation! /sarcasm

Ever since that, uh… event, Akira has to take a bit of Mikoto’s drool every day so he doesn’t get sick again.  (Mikoto does this by putting it on her finger and letting him lick it… yeah it’s about as gross as you’d think…)  In order to do this discreetly, Akira and Mikoto start walking home together every day after school.  During this time, Akira gets many dreams about him and Mikoto dancing in some strange city.  Unable to deny his feelings any longer, Akira finally confesses that he’s in love with her after another one of their daily rituals.


Mikoto’s response is that Akira prove this to her.  After refusing a kiss, Akira decides to rip up a photo of a girl he used to have a crush on in order to prove his love.  This apparently makes Mikoto so happy that she spits out a ton of drool (no seriously, she does).  After recovering from that incident, Mikoto explains to Akira just WHY she had that one laughing outburst in class.  It was because she had heard a mysterious voice, and:

Wh--I.... WHAT?!?!?!

After that, Mikoto happily runs off, proclaiming that she is Akira’s boyfriend from that day on.

My Opinion:

…what.  WHAT.

I can’t even begin to formulate complete sentences because this single episode was full of so much WTF.  It starts off rather normal and clichéd, and just snowballs into full-on crazy territory.  This isn’t your typical brand of weirdness; this is like Japanese levels of weirdness!  Now I have seen a lot of weird anime, but this is the first time that any series has made me throw my hands up into the air and scream “what is going on?!?”  And it’s only the first episode!  What really gets me is that this series is relatively mundane otherwise, but yet it still manages to be so… so… THIS.  If you seriously read that summary without batting an eyelash at its utter strangeness, then congratulations; you are a more seasoned anime fan than I am.

I wouldn’t say that this makes the series BAD necessarily, but I honestly just can’t wrap my brain around this episode.  I suppose I’m making a far bigger deal out of this than I should, but then you have to realize that this was a manga series (spawning seven volumes) that got made into an anime.  Which means it was popular enough to get an anime.  My brain… it hurts.

Staying as far the hell away from the story as I can for the sake of my sanity, I have to admit that Mikoto is a pretty awesome character.  I know she’s weird but I really do want to know more about her.  She claims that she’s just an “ordinary girl,” but I’m not buying it.  Surely there has to be some reason for her weird drool (and attitude, while we’re at it)?  Akira is just your same-old, bland male-protagonist but I suppose he’s a little crazy too since he actually TASTED Mikoto’s drool.  (Man this series is like a germaphobe’s worst nightmare…)

The animation for this episode was actually very nice, though there were just scenes of mundane school stuff so it’s not like the animators had to do any complex action scenes.  I wonder if that will change in the future?  The character designs might turn people off because they feel a bit retro, but I rather like it.  Also, I think this is one of the few anime out there where everyone has normal-colored hair for once.

Overall… UH.  I’m actually speechless for once.  I guess this series was based off of someone’s drool fetish (the ED displays that in case you were doubting it) and it somehow got turned into some weird love comedy?  I’m not even sure if I like or dislike the series, I’m just kind of… weirded out.  I am interested in it, at least.  Not sure if my sanity can handle any more episodes, but I might review one more? I think???

Out of five:

I… I don’t even know what to give this, in all honesty.  But if I could, I’d give it a ten out of five for sheer WTF factor.